International *Clash* Day at the Maxilla Hall, Latimer Road, W10 with the Rotten Hill Gang & the Goldborns etc.

Coming up on Friday 7th February at the Maxilla Hall in Latimer Road, is ‘International *Clash* Day’, featuring the Rotten Hill Gang, the Goldborns, the Clash tribute band, Take the 5th and many others. Mark Millar described the Rotten Hill Gang as: ‘Formed in a heartbeat within the cracks and back alleys of Ladbroke Grove Continue reading

Shepherd’s Bush Shopkeeper & Burglar, Bertha Cruch, who Greeted Detectives with a Smile

The following article appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 31st July 1924: ‘A young and attractive woman, whom the police consider the most extraordinary woman burglar of modern times, was sentenced to fourteen months’ imprisonment at the Middlesex Quarter Sessions yesterday. She is Bertha Cruch, a married woman with two children. She is a veritable Continue reading