Miles Syndercombe’s Cottage on Shepherd’s Bush Green & the Plot to Assassinate Oliver Cromwell 

The following article appeared in the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald on 19th April 1890: 

‘The old-thatched cottage on Shepherd’s-bush-green standing on the premises once belonging to an ancient inn, where all the travellers in days gone by, used to stop in their journey to and from the west of England and the metropolis, is about to be pulled down. 

The cottage was noted for having been the place hired by Miles Syndercombe for the purpose of carrying out his proposed assassination of Cromwell, in January 1657, while on his journey from Hampton Court to London. 

This relic of old London history, which was built about 240 years ago, was recently purchased by a gentleman, who had kindly offered to allow anyone on presenting their card to view the interior of the cottage, prior to demolition, any afternoon from three till dusk.  

The particulars of Syndercombe’s plot to kill the Protector are recorded in “Several Proceedings at the Tryal, February 9th, 1657.” 

The Illustrated London News also covered the story (edited) the same year on 26th April: 

‘Cromwell discovered the conspiracy, and Syndercombe was arrested, tried, and condemned to death. He lay prisoner in the Tower until the morning appointed for hanging him, when he was found dead in his bed. 

It is believed that he had taken poison, surreptitiously brought to him by his sister the night before. His corpse was dragged by a horse to the feet of the gallows, and was there buried, as that of a suicide, with a stake driven through the heart. 

Miles Syndercombe had formerly been a soldier of the Roundhead Army, and a trusted personal attendant of Cromwell during the Civil War, but his wife was in league with the Royalists. 

The purchaser of this historic cottage at Shepherd’s Bush Green has consented to allow visitors to view the premises on presenting their cards.  

They should call between three and five in the afternoon, and they are expected to contribute a small sum to the Shepherd’s Bush Philanthropic Society or the West London Hospital.’ 

Steve Russell 

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for sending me both newspaper articles) 

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  1. Absolutely wonderful piece of local history, I live no 5 minutes walking distance from the green, thank you.

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