QPR Screen References: No.17 – ‘Boys From The Bush’ – Episode: ‘Tall Poppies’

‘Tall Poppies’ was the fourth episode from the first series and was transmitted onto our screens on 15th February 1991. Reg’s daughter Arlene has just streaked across the pitch during a Test Match “to get herself noticed” and the fact that it was shown on television certainly helped. Although Reg is naturally horrified, his business Continue reading

QPR Screen References: No.16 – ‘The Sweeney’ – Episode: ‘I Want The Man’

Although there is no verbal reference to the R’s, this one is included because of the superb visual shots of Loftus Road. This episode is from Series 2 and was first transmitted at 9pm on 10th November, 1975. The opening scene shows Popeye, Regan’s ‘Snout’, calling him from a phone box facing towards Julie’s restaurant Continue reading