QPR Screen References: No.11 – ‘The Sweeney’

Episode: ‘Ringer’

There were four series consisting of 53 episodes, two Films for the big screen and started life as an ‘Armchair Cinema’ production called ‘Regan’. Apart from the title change, the basic ingredients remained intact for the TV series. Euston Films were set up by Thames TV and because they had offices in Colet Court, Hammersmith, many of the locations used were in West London although the Peckham area is featured in this episode. ‘Ringer’ was the very first from the first series and was transmitted on 2nd January 1975. It includes one of television’s most famous lines: ‘We’re the Sweeney son and we haven’t had any dinner.’

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John Thaw plays ‘Detective Inspector Jack Regan’ and his main sidekick is ‘Detective Sgt George Carter’ played by Dennis Waterman. Many well known actors were featured throughout. In this episode, three of the villains are played by Brian Blessed, Ian Hendry and Alan Lake who was the third husband of Diana Dors. He shot himself five months after her death when terminally ill with a brain tumour. ‘Dot’ from ‘Eastenders’ also has a small part.

‘Regan’ has overslept at his girlfriend’s, meanwhile the Guv’nor, Detective Chief Inspector Frank Haskins, played by Garfield Morgan, walks into the office looking for him but only finds George Carter and another member of the squad. He looks over and asks him what he is doing – “Waiting” he replies. Haskins follows up with: “For Godot” Not understanding the significance with the Samuel Beckett play he can only respond with, “Huh ?” As Haskins is about to leave he says: “Tell Mr Regan I’d like a word, if he can spare the time.” Still confused, the detective asks: “Who’s Godot” and Carter jokingly explains that he: “Plays fullback for QPR.” The detective is certain about one thing when he concludes the scene with: “He doesn’t”

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  1. Good read Steve. In its day it was great television. John Thaw and Dennis Waterman were brilliant. Great actors who gelled, big time. I always looved the cars… Jags, Fords…. and Guvnor…. happy days.

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