QPR Screen References: No.18 – ‘Red Dwarf’ – Episode: ‘Pete – Part 1’

‘Red Dwarf’ is a sort of science fiction based sitcom which first hit the screens on BBC Two in 1988. Later, the TV Channel ‘Dave’ decided to resurrect the show in 2008 when they commissioned the production of three episodes which were screened the following year.


Although I’m not a fan of the show I eventually became aware of the inclusion of a QPR reference in one of the episodes. Then recently Steve Sayce kindly passed on the DVD to me to watch.

There is a scene where the Dwarfers eventually find the lost Canary team frozen in time, Kryten remarks: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before – a group of men who display all the normal life signs, but seem totally incapable of movement.’ To which Holly replies: ‘Never seen QPR play away then ?’

‘Pete – Part 1’ was the sixth episode in the eighth season and the fiftieth episode overall. It was first transmitted in the UK on 25th March 1999.

Steve Russell

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  1. Steve there is more than one reference to QPR FC throughout the entire series of Red Dwarf shows…I recall a quip about the QPR defence in another episode.

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