QPR Screen References: No.15 – ‘Boys From The Bush’ – Episode: ‘Our Rellos’

Thanks to Declin for unearthing nearly all of the ‘Boys From The Bush’ episodes that he recorded on video. I did manage to find three episodes on ebay recorded on a DVD a few years ago which were then reviewed as number 3 in this series. There has been nothing released commercially and as far as I know it has never been repeated by the BBC or anyone else for that matter. The main characters are the Toomers, Reg and Doris, who emigrated from Shepherds Bush over 20 years previously and I suppose Reg would be viewed as an archetypal Pom by the locals. He runs ‘Melbourne Confidential’ with Dennis Tontine. Arlene is their Oz born daughter and also in the household is Leslie, Reg’s young Chelsea supporting cousin who arrived in Melbourne after getting divorced in England.

This episode is the fourth from the second series and was shown on the 2nd June 1992. Reg arrives at his local branch of the ‘Returned and Services League’, a similar organisation to the British Legion, for a committee meeting. As he’s about to go in, the bar man hands him a letter – “Letter for you Reg, Pommie stamp.” Reg looks at the postmark and with a smile on his face, he replies – “Better than that, London…W12.” It’s an invite from the North Shepherds Bush British Legion and they suggest that the visit should be marked by a special trophy to be contested by their two respective Darts champions – “Their champion and ours.” Reg thinks it’s a foregone conclusion as he’s been the champion for the last five years. He tells his long suffering missus, Doris, that it’s 24 years since he’s seen the ‘promised land’ – “I’m going home Doris.”

The big day arrives and Reg is full of confidence. He’s wearing his hooped top with a large crest and a metal QPR badge. When he’s introduced on stage he gives out a loud and defiant -“Come On You R’s.” Despite other members of the committee bringing in a very useful ‘wildcard’ player, Reg manages to beat him in the final and amid the celebrating, he turns to his young cousin and tells him: “Les, I’m going home – Come On You R’s.”

This is short lived as the committee point out to him that he’s not a nationalised Australian and therefore doesn’t qualify. Meanwhile Doris thinks about entering a Cornflakes competition to win a trip to England so that she can be present at her mum’s wedding in West London (which happens to be to Reg’s step-father and which Reg strongly disapproves of). The final scene shows Reg and Doris at home in bed and she tells him that she’s sent in for that competition but Reg is still smarting about not going to Shepherds Bush – ” Naturalisation, they can stick it, bloody Melbourne.”

Steve Russell

8 thoughts on “QPR Screen References: No.15 – ‘Boys From The Bush’ – Episode: ‘Our Rellos’

  1. I have fond memories of this series, watching it with my late mummy all those years ago. Thanks for that Steve.

  2. A good series and great memories Steve.
    If possible, would like to get copies at some stage of you.

  3. Interesting that the BBC never made the series available to fans either on video or DVD. The fact that it’s never been repeated here in the UK (or anywhere in the world for that matter) is also strange and possibly why so many fans of the show are often found on vintage TV/Film websites pleading for home VHS recorded episodes…
    I remember once that Howard Prosser (former editor of QPR fanzine In The Loft) was once approached by Tim Healy in the early 1990’s and bought several back issues of ITL…he was obviously doing some research!
    I bumped into Tim Healy in the Coach and Horses pub in Soho a few months ago. He’s a really nice down to earth kind of bloke….should’ve asked him about ‘Boys from the Bush’…dammit! Oh well maybe next time.

  4. i met tim healy at the home cup game with swindon in the crown and sceptre,rose the bar maid and the was used in one episode,great show

  5. Great TV programme! The writer of the series, Doug Livingstone, is a season ticket holder and can be found in the Crown & Sceptre before every home game, should you want to buy him a pint.

  6. I asked Tim Healy about 2 years ago if he knew about any forthcoming dvd release, and he said he didn’t.

    Yes,it is strange it hasn’t been aired again.

  7. I did ask in the BBC a year or two ago and was told that it will never be released or repeated due to legal problems with the theme tune.

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