QPR Screen References: No. 14 – ‘Bottom’ – Episode: ‘Hole’

This episode opens with the sound of all the fun of the Fair and Eddie and Richie situated on top of the tallest Ferris Wheel in Western Europe. Eventually they realise that they are the only ones on it. They try to attract the attention of the operator which results in a barrage of bricks, bottles and coconuts. They continue to get on each other’s nerves and it dawns on them that the Fair has closed down for the night. Furthermore, Eddie reads in ‘The Hammersmith Bugle’ that the Ferris Wheel is due to be blown up at dawn because it’s a death trap and would cost too much to dismantle. Richie decides that he must climb down and get help:-

Richie: “Eddie, if I fall and plunge 350ft and splatter on the ground, will you, you know……”
Eddie: “What laugh ?”
Richie: ” No No No, No !”
Eddie: “Point and laugh ?”
Richie: “No, Eddie, will you scatter my ashes over Queen’s Park Rangers Football Ground ?”
Eddie: “No !”
Richie: (sharp intake of breath) “Thanks, right……”

This was the first episode of the third series and first broadcast on 5th January, 1995. A number of R’s fans worked on the Show including Alan Tolhurst and a screen credit for the Set Designer, Grenville Horner.

Steve Russell

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  1. “Bottom”…I dont mind the name of QPR FC featuring in The TV series…

    but “Bottom”…of the championship league? I really hope not

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