QPR Screen References: No.17 – ‘Boys From The Bush’ – Episode: ‘Tall Poppies’

‘Tall Poppies’ was the fourth episode from the first series and was transmitted onto our screens on 15th February 1991.

Reg’s daughter Arlene has just streaked across the pitch during a Test Match “to get herself noticed” and the fact that it was shown on television certainly helped. Although Reg is naturally horrified, his business partner Dennis, suggests that they can cash in on Arlene’s instant fame.

As they watch Arlene’s awkward appearance on a TV Chat Show in their office, Reg is not very impressed and then remarks to Dennis: “We at Queen’s Park Rangers used to spend dull moments picking the hob nail boots eleven.” Despite all this her career does take off and ‘Melbourne Confidential’ move in as her agents.

The second R’s reference comes when Reg is competing (in his QPR top of course) in a darts tournament at the RSL Club: “Double number 10 for the bold Rodney Marsh.” Reg proceeds to win the trophy and Arlene is there to present it to him and he then uses the opportunity to publically thank a few people:

“First of all…the landlord of the ‘Crown & Sceptre’ in Shepherd’s Bush who during my years of apprenticeship in this noble game kept my machinery oiled with the best beer in the world. Second, to the magnificently magical Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club in whose hallowed blue and white hoops I seem to be approaching invincibility.”

‘Boys from the Bush’ has never been repeated by the BBC/UK Gold for some reason and is not available commercially. Over the years it has built up a cult following and not just amongst R’s fans.

Steve Russell

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  1. Wish it was available on DVD.
    Funnily enough though, Tim Healy (who played QPR fan Reg) is actually a Geordie.

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