In Memory of Alan Jefferiss

I was very sad to hear of the recent passing of Alan Jefferiss, aka ‘AJ’ or ‘X Factor’ to his many friends.

Football and music were Alan’s major interests. He followed Rangers all over the country and was never happier if there was a jukebox or a karaoke machine on. He would be the first up to the microphone and one cannot forget his renditions of certain Rock classics, once heard, never forgotten!

Alan genuinely believed that he could be ‘the next big thing’and auditioned for the ‘X Factor’ Show on TV. He had got through several stages to appear very briefly one Saturday evening.

I was having my Tea and almost choked when he came on screen for about 20 seconds. Alan later remarked that he had to be escorted off the stage as he had told Simon Cowell thathe had many more jokes and songs still to perform! He was a character in the fullest sense.

My last memory of Alan was in the ‘Queens Tavern’ (still better known as ‘The Springbok’) before the first lockdown,singing: ‘Simply the Best’, at one of ‘Topper’s’ karaoke post-match sessions. Sad to say that both Alan and ‘Topper’ are no longer with us!

He had a serious bout of encephalitis in the early 90’s and consequently Rangers played a benefit match for him in August 1991 against Beaconsfield United, whom Alan was playing for at the time. Details of Alan’s illness appeared in the opening part of the editorial.

It was thanks to the NHS that Alan was able to live another 30 years, but illness finally caught up with him.

Alan had a tough time in his last few years but will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Alan Jefferiss: 1968 – 2022.

Rest in Peace.

Joe English

Apart from being a life-long R’s fan, Alan was also a very good footballer. He made his debut for Beaconsfield United on 20th January 1990, having previously played for Croxley Rangers and Hayes.

He was later a member of the Harrow Referees’ Association for many years.

On 25th February, Joe, Alan Barnes, myself and many others gathered at the Breakspear Crematorium to say goodbye.

Fr. Matthew Cashmore conducted the Service and the final song was Level 42’s: “Something About You.”

Rest in Peace AJ.

Steve Russell


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  1. RIP AJ last time we meet was in the Queens Tavern and he gave my Lad a new Ref some great Advise a true Super Hoop UR’s

  2. Ive sat with my Dad in the Upper Loft by Alan for around 40 years. Can remember him looking just like the above photo before his illness. Was so sad to learn he had passed away. Rest in Peace Alan x

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