QPR Screen References: No.5 – ‘Bottom’ – Episode: ‘Dough’

This episode is from Series 3 and was first transmitted in January, 1995. The main two characters are ‘Richie Richard’, played by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson plays ‘Eddie Hitler’. They live in a squalid flat in Hammersmith and spend much of their time together in it, insulting and fighting each other which often results in all out violent slapstick.

In the opening scene, Richie has just finished reading ‘War and Peace’ and has become bored because he hasn’t seen Eddie for seven days. ‘Spudgun’ and ‘Dave Hedgehog’ arrive and they go upstairs to Eddie’s room. We then see an array of QPR memorabilia on the bedroom walls including a flag, pennants and a team poster. They discover that Eddie has been printing money and the four of them eventually head off to their local, ‘The Lamb and Flag’. The guvnor, ‘Dick Head’, is handed a ¬£27.00 note for a round of drinks who then contacts ‘Skull Crusher Henderson’, the counterfeiting king of Old London Town. Skull Crusher demands that Eddie stops printing money and must also hand over ¬£5,000. Alarmed at the thought of the repercussions, they notice a poster on the wall which advertises a quiz for that very night and the prize money just happens to be¬£5,000.

They return later that night and are greeted sarcastically upon their arrival as, ‘The Hammersmith Hardmen’. After buying a round with the mickey mouse money again, they take their place on table 3. Situated around them are the other teams comprising of nurses, the CID and a rival pub etc. The guvnor explains that the questions will be drawn from the ‘World of Knowledge’ for 8 – 10 year olds ! Eddie sabotages the oppositions’ buzzers so that when they attempt to answer a question, they electrocute themselves. Soon the pub resembles a battlefield with the nurses tending the casualties and eventually Richie’s team is the only one left.

Eddie plays for time by asking Dick a question as Richie heads for the Gents to consult the encyclopaedias he has hidden in one of the cubicles. “Er Dick, isn’t it true you once had a trial with QPR ?””Yes, that’s right, Trevor Francis phones me up one day and he says, Dick HeadI said, that’s me.” The camera cuts away to Richie attempting to enter the cubicle which is now occupied and the scene reverts back to Dick again, “..straight in the corner of the net, I turn for applause, Les Ferdinand decks me, apparently I was supposed to score at the other end but loads of their players were up at the end.”

They win the quiz, Skull Crusher arrives and the closing scene shows him just about to bang their heads together. Apart from the 18 episodes, the Show went on the road for at least three successful tours. The episodes are shown from time to time on UK Gold.

Steve Russell