Alan Barnes’s Tribute To Joe Gallen

In my Youth Report for last Season, I pointed out the problems that Joe Gallen had had in getting his U18 team to be CHAMPIONS. In it I said, “This highlights what a good Manager and Coach he is.” On 28th June, he was called to a meeting and then ‘Laid Off’. Well, at least Joe has one thing in common with Fabio Capello (ex – Real Madrid), they both finished as Champions and lost their jobs !!!

Joe came to us in the 1998 – 99 Season and winning the League last Season, he had been successful at most levels. Next Season would have been his tenth at the Club but as usual at Youth level, a lot of very hard work goes unnoticed. I have personally known Joe as a friend for most of his nine or so years at QPR as have many other fans who follow the Youth teams on Saturday and Sunday mornings. When asked, he always gave honest opinions of players to parents and fans alike and in a polite way. He never ever knocked QPR as a Club, even when Kevin was struggling a little. If the Youth Team were finding it tough in a game, he was still positive with his Coaching. The players respected him and listened.

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When asked about his own position when changes were being made last Season with Gregory, Hill and Dunbar coming in and with two or three leaving, Joe was never quite sure but got on with his job and ended up winning the League ! Wasn’t it GREAT to see Joe and the boys on the pitch with the Trophy before the Stoke home game. Because Joe was unsure about his own future last Season, I personally was not surprised that he has gone. What does surprise me is the atrocious timing of his departure. We are just back in training for fucks sake ! Why wait so long to sort it out ?

I wish Joe Gallen the very best of luck for the future. He is a sad loss to QPR FC, another Club is going to get a very good Coach. I wish Steve Brown all the best but he’s got a tough act to follow. Anything less than top will be a failure !!!

Good luck Joe

Good Coach

Good friend
Alan Barnes

7 thoughts on “Alan Barnes’s Tribute To Joe Gallen

  1. Alan, the one point you make that makes this so hard to take is that Joe will do a job for another club, will develop youngsters and bring success, no doubt about it.
    I spoke to a coach from Portsmouth at Harlington last season and he was well impressed with our youngsters and of course Joe, maybe other clubs watched his progress closer than some at our club.

  2. Thanks Alan ….a very good read and fitting tribute to Joe. As both Alan and John said …Some other club’s gain is our loss.

  3. Great report Alan and all true with light or no support Joe achieved great things. What might he have achieved this season with some support?

  4. good report alan, honest and heart felt…i know some of you attend many yth games and we ask you and robbie for the info…
    winning their league last year was amazing with all the problems at qprfc…
    i agree that if changes were to be made, why wait?
    good luck joe gallen.
    hopefully our yth players will go on thru qpr and make him proud.

  5. A good tribute from Alan, from the heart and to the point.
    Thank you Joe.
    Thanks Alan.

  6. A fitting tribute Alan and real loss to QPR,fans and more importantly our future 1st team players.The likes of Joe Gallen are what this club should be all about.

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