The Morgan Twins: When Roger had to Change his Hair-Style

The image shown below was taken by Ronald Fortune in April 1964 and the caption reads as follows:

‘A league club player changed his hair-style yesterday – to stop anyone thinking that he might be a substitute for his twin during a match tonight.

Seventeen-year-old Roger Morgan (right) agreed to the haircut after being told he had been dropped by Queen’s Park Rangers from their FA Youth Cup semi-final first-leg to meet Swindon Town at Loftus Road. His brother Ian plays on the left-wing

Rangers secretary John Smith explained: “It may all sound a bit hair-raising, but they are so alike that we can’t tell them apart. People suggested we could easily substitute one brother for the other at half-time without anybody being the wiser.”

“So, we asked Roger if he would mind altering his hair-style to put an end to such talk. He is now wearing a college-boy style.”

Rangers lost that first-leg tie 0-2 and later suffered an even heavier defeat at Swindon.

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “The Morgan Twins: When Roger had to Change his Hair-Style

  1. I was there they were really good plus Lazarus,springett brothers,Jim Langley so many memories Sanderson . So many quality players over the years who played because they loved the club my favourites Micky Leach,Mike Keen, Marshy, Clements Goddard and Allen, Hill, Derry and Stanley.
    I am getting old and memory not as good but standing on a crate to see with my Dad still here 91 great memories.
    Kind regards to all the QPR players never forgotten

  2. I played with Ian and Roger in the Walthamstow Schools team which won the Finch Shield in the 1957/8 season. Having just turned 11, we were all in the forward line which also included Dennis Bond who went on to play for Watford and Spurs. While they went on to greater things, I joined a rugby playing school that year and had to content myself wih Sunday morning football, which they also played.

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