Celebrating the 1953 Coronation & the Queen’s Drive through West London 

The following article appeared in the West London Observer on 29th May 1953:

‘Hammersmith’s old age pensioners and blind folk who have had their names registered at the Town Hall are to receive souvenir caskets containing 11lb. of tea and a free ticket for a special film show.

The ticket will entitle them to see the film, “Elizabeth is Queen”, which is being shown especially for the old folk at the Commodore Cinema, Hammersmith, on Wednesday morning, 10th June.

But as the cinema cannot accommodate everyone in the morning, many of the old folk will receive tickets for the afternoon performance during the week. 

Blind people living in hostels are to receive souvenir caskets of sweets. These Coronation caskets, which are decorated with photographs of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, have been given by Hammersmith Borough Council, who have also arranged for the special film show.

People are asked by the authorities not to light Coronation bonfires in the streets, but to have the fires in their own gardens or on waste land. 

Reason is that every year the Guy Fawkes bonfires cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage in nearly every borough because people will light them in the roads. The bill for the damage is eventually reflected in the rates. 

West Londoners who intend to go up and see the Coronation procession are warned not to take stools, boxes or anything to stand upon. Anyone who takes one will not be able to use it. The police have orders to seize any articles which could be used for such a purpose. 

Some of the most decorated roads in West London are ones that the Queen will not see. They are the little back streets, many of which the residents have almost roofed over with flags and bunting.

Times when West Londoners can see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they drive through West London next Thursday were announced from Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.


The times of arrival at the main points on the route are:

2.05 – Sloane Square

2.08 – Sydney Street, Fulham Road

2.17 – Fulham Broadway, Jerdan Place, Dawes Road, Munster Road, Lillie Road

2.22 – Fulham Palace Road, Queen Caroline Street

2.26 – Hammersmith Broadway, King Street, Goldhawk Road

2.33 – Askew Road, Old Oak Road

2.38 – Westway

2.43 – Wood Lane, North Pole Road, Highlever Road, St. Quinton Avenue, St. Mark’s Road, Cambridge Gardens, Ladbroke Grove

2.49 – Westbourne Park Road, Great Western Road

2.54 – Elgin Avenue

During the Royal drive, eight West London Mayors and Town Clerks, those of Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington, Paddington, St. Pancras, St. Marylebone, Chelsea and Hampstead, will be presented to the Queen and the Duke.’

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for unearthing the article and thanks to Peter Trott for sending me the above image)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the 1953 Coronation & the Queen’s Drive through West London 

  1. Sat on the steps of St Dunstan’s Church on Old Oak Rd as the Queen went by. Will never forget it.
    Wonder if Charles will do anything similar.

  2. My school St Paul’s (not the public school)was in Hammersmith Broadway next to the church the Queen passed through the Broadway we sat outside the school so had a good view. For the people who are not old enough to remember the Broadway was one way traffic from Fulham Palace Road through to Shepherd’s Bush Road then.

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