QPR’s 1900 FA Cup Replay against Watford

Team: Clutterbuck, Bellingham, McConnell, Newlands, Hitch, Skinner, Gray, Newbigging, Goldie, Humphrey, Foxhall.

Attendance: 2,000

Following the 1-1 draw at Cassio Road four days earlier, the replay was played on a Wednesday afternoon, which might be one of the reasons for the low attendance, along with the weather conditions?

A match report appeared in the Sporting Life the next day:

‘The enclosure at Kensal Rise was well patronised yesterday afternoon, when for the second time the above teams met to contest for supremacy in the struggle for English Cup honours.

There must have been at least a couple of thousand spectators on the scene when the ball was set rolling, and before the game had been in progress very long the attendance was further augmented.

Naturally enough, the weather, being for a change reasonable: that is to say. wretched – had much to do with stopping enthusiasts from putting in an appearance, but the Watfordians were well represented, and their shouts could be heard all over the ground.

From a scoring point of view, one might gather sufficient idea to imagine an easy victory for the Rangers, but although four to one was the score in their favour, yet it was with the greatest difficulty the home side kept the Watford men at bay.

The Rangers more than pleased their supporters early in the match by scoring the first point through the agency of Humphrey, who scored after a well-appointed forward movement on the part of his club.

Hammett had a lot of work to do to save his goal from further disaster for the next few minutes, but at length the ball was taken into close proximity of the visitors’ citadel, and Humphrey again succeeded in finding the net.

Watford then made strenuous efforts to get on terms, and thanks to honest work on the part of Varley, Hare, and White, the latter placed a point to his side’s credit before the interval arrived.

When the teams crossed over, with the Rangers leading by a clear goal, the home side went to work in a most business like manner, and keeping up the pressure – which for a time was well met – Humphrey and Gray (Newbigging?) succeeded in defeating all opposition, and the result of a hard fought game was Queen’s Park Rangers, four goals: Watford, one goal.’

In the next round the following month, Rangers lost 0-3 at Luton.

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for sending me the match report)