Sign Please: Mark Lazarus

I briefly collected autographs of the Rangers players in the mid-60’s and Mark Lazarus was a big hero of mine.

Alec Stock first signed Mark in September 1960 and a year later he was transferred to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Things didn’t work out with Stan Cullis and Mark made a swift return to West London.
In January 1964, Mark was involved in an exchange deal with Brentford, which saw George McLeod coming to Loftus Road.

Mark was back again in November 1965 and two years later he departed for the final time. He made a total of 235 appearances for the R’s, and scored 84 goals.

The above pic is from around 1962/63. Does anyone recognise any of the Rangers fans shown?

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “Sign Please: Mark Lazarus

  1. Good pic that. I don’t know the names of any of those kids in the photo shot but the face of tall one at the back on the left with bobble hat and emblem looks familiar to me through the mists of time.

  2. Steve
    Mark Lazarus is one of the players coming back down to LR to celebrate the Loftus Road centenary, maybe for old times sake you could go up to him and request an autograph…!

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