Falkland Cup Final – 1st May 1966: QPR Supporters’ Club (1) – Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Club (0)

Team: T. Wall, N. Sells, J. Buller, J. Payne, P.W. Dale, P. Dale, B. Sheridan, P. Wall, B. Hunt, D. Dobson, D. Samuels

Reserves: P. Jackson, J. Forsyth

The Queen’s Park Rangers Supporters Club team took on a Charlton side in the Falkland Cup Final on Sunday, 1st May 1966 at Ilford FC.

The game kicked-off at 11am and the match programme included the following pen pictures of the QPR squad:

(a) – T. Wall (goalkeeper). Started the season as centre-forward. Put in goal in emergency. Played for W. London Schools.

(b) – N. Sells (right-back). Came into the side halfway in season as outside-left, moved back with great success. A good tackler.

(c) – J. Buller (left-back). Regular left-back, unorthodox player with good distribution.

(d) – J. Payne (right-half). Also plays centre-half. Strong player. Penalty taker – scored six goals from the spot.

(e) – P. W. Dale (centre-half). The “Daddy” of the side. Played in Lewis Cup Final as centre-forward season 1962-63. Holds defence together.
cup-final(f) – P. Dale (left-half). Son of centre-half. A young player of great promise. Good attacking half-back. Also plays forward.

(g) – B. Sheridan (outside-right). Youngest member of side. Fast with good shot, only missed one game this season.

(h) – P. Wall (inside-right). Brother of goalkeeper. Clever ball player and brains of attack.

(i) – B. Hunt (centre-forward). Started the season as goalkeeper, moved to centre-forward after injury. Leading goalscorer.

(j) – D. Samuels (inside-left). Has played at right-back. Small but never gives up. Picked to play for league side season 1965-66.

(k) – J. Louis (outside-left). Also plays half-back. Strong with good shot with both feet. Good utility player.

(l) – P. Jackson (reserve). Young player has played back and centre-forward.

(m) – J. Forsyth (reserve). Another young player. Played in all forward positions.

Rangers were triumphant with P. Wall scoring the only goal of the game.

Steve Russell

(My thanks to Sammy for his assistance)

5 thoughts on “Falkland Cup Final – 1st May 1966: QPR Supporters’ Club (1) – Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Club (0)

  1. That’s fantastic.
    Do you have any pictures at all?
    My Dad was in goal and his brothers (my uncles) Peter Wall and J Buller (real name James Wall – it was deemed 3 Walls in the team was too many so James changed his surname!!)all played that day for QPR that day
    Many Thanks
    Andrew Wall

  2. Amazing! I never realised that the QPR Supporters team of that era played in organised leagues and Cups(with match programmes) and at somewhat prestige venues too…I thought it was just a case of ad hoc friendly fixtures.

    • Hi Bernard The name Graham Temple does ring a bell the thing about the wonderful era was this tiny club that played in the third division south as it was called all of a sudden with the help of our greatest chairman Jim Gregory started our club to be recognise in west London as a force and there where so many fans like me and my brothers were so proud to wear the hoops shirt so I’m sure we would known Graham

  3. Hi Steve my nephew Andrew Wall sent this link on Facebook to me I can’t believe it fifty years ago what amazing day that was it took us ages to get to Ilford FC ground Les Allen one of our great signings was there with his young son then Clive for me to get the winning goal was so special All our family have been Hoops for years I built the coffin when we marched to Wembley the following year and won the league cup we are season ticket holders and will be freezing tomorrow night cheering the team and Olly on COYRsssss Peter Wall

  4. Andrew and Peter Wall. Thanks for your comments. Really interesting feedback.

    I was wondering if either of you knew Ron Dillon or Graham Temple who both played for the QPR supporters club football team in this era although they did not feature in this particular fixture.

    Bernard Lambert

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