The Indy R’s Fundraising Presentation to Stan Bowles

My limited edition 18th Indy R’s badge was produced in order to raise some funds towards Stan’s on-going care. It quickly sold out of course and I would like to thank everyone who purchased one (or more in some cases).
stanSome (of around 80 people) even contributed more than the £5 asking price, which nudged the fundraising total towards £600.

I recently contacted Andy Evans for his help with regards to passing on the cheque to Stan’s family.
stan2Andy informed me that Stan and his daughter would be attending the Bristol City home game on Saturday and he kindly arranged for me to make the presentation on behalf of the Indy R’s before the match. Also included with the cheque was the very last badge.

I would also like to thank the photographer, Daniel Laryea, for kindly forwarding me the photo shown above.

Steve Russell

6 thoughts on “The Indy R’s Fundraising Presentation to Stan Bowles

  1. Brilliant..well done everyone!
    Two legends in one picture…marvellous!

    • I can’t better the “two legends in one picture” comment! Great stuff Steve.

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