The 19th Independent R’s Badge

My latest badge has been selling steadily from day one. Taking into account sales and firm orders, at the time of writing, I have 26 available.

The badge was limited to 100 and is based on the Swedish R’s flag. The design was sanctioned with their approval of course.
sw R'sThey are priced at ¬£3 each and I’m always happy to do mail order. I also have a limited number of a few of my previous badges.

For further information please email me at:

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “The 19th Independent R’s Badge

  1. Hi Steve,

    Curious as to which past badges you still have available and how much it would be to ship them Canada? Also could a transaction be done using PayPal?


  2. Hello Peter, I have posted off badges to Sweden and USA etc. My son can take paypal no problem….would you email me please mate.

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