The Tribute to Rik Mayall’s ‘Bottom’ in Hammersmith Broadway

The following article was written last June by Alix Culbertson and appeared in the local newspaper:

‘Hammersmith and Fulham Council said it is interested in honouring a petition by Rik Mayall fans asking for a bench to be placed in Hammersmith in memory of the TV comic.

The online petition, signed by nearly 2,500 people as we go to press, says a “permanent memorial bench for the late and great Rik Mayall should be placed as close to the location of where the opening credits for one of his best shows, ‘Bottom’ was filmed.”


A spokesman said: “The Council is interested in this idea to mark the talented comedian’s link to Hammersmith and would like to speak to his family at an appropriate time to discuss if they would like him honoured in this way.”

Calls for an official memorial bench commemorating the comedian started on Friday last week, just four days after his death at the age of 56. His wife revealed he died after suffering an acute cardiac event following a run.

A spoof sign imitating an English Heritage blue plaque appeared on railings by the traffic light triangle between Hammersmith Broadway and Queen Caroline Street, opposite St Paul’s Church.

Referring to ‘Bottom’s’ opening sequence, it says, “Rik Mayall: 1958-2014. Punched his friend in the balls on a bench near this spot.”

This is thought to have prompted the call for the Council to place a bench in Hammersmith where his TV show was set. ‘Bottom’s’ opening sequence featured Mayall and long time collaborator Adrian Edmondson on a bench in Hammersmith where the mock blue plaque has been placed. They are credited with putting Hammersmith on the TV comedy map.


The show enjoyed three series in the early to mid-1990’s and in 1995 took to the stage. Because of its slapstick violence “taken to new extremes” both actors ended up in hospital at various points..’

Well, something must have transpired because recently, my son Louis was passing through the Broadway and took the photograph shown above.

Apart from the bench and the picture tributes there is also a plaque which reads:

The Myth, The Legend,
Dr The Rik Mayall,
Pan Global Phenomenon,
Equality, Opportunity, Wisdom, Freedom & Love,

“Barbara: Love Is The Answer”

Steve Russell

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