In Memory of Alan McDonald who passed away three years ago today

Macca sadly passed away three years ago today and to commemorate him I’ve reproduced another one of Big Dave Evett’s personal memories:

‘A friend of mine asked me if I would get him two tickets for the Manchester United game. The only thing was that my request was in the same week as the match, which was all sold out.

My mate’s wife was a fan but had never been to a match. Heather was in her late 40’s and had been diagnosed with breast cancer (she’s all cured now and still doing well).

I told him that I would try Macca but it might not be possible. When I asked him he told me that his allocation had all gone.

However, on the Thursday before the match I had a call to say that he had managed to get hold of two tickets. Heather was so excited when I gave her the news.

On the day of the game I met Colin and Heather outside the ground. Eventually Mac came out and handed Heather the tickets. She was so overwhelmed even to meet the big fella that she cried. But to top it there were also two Players Lounge tickets for after the match.


After the game, Macca arranged for some photos to be taken with a group of Manchester United players. What a day it was for them!

Mac was living in Long Lane, Hillingdon at the time and two weeks later he was talking about sorting his garden out. So I mentioned this to Colin who just happened to be a landscape contractor.

Next thing he said: “Let Mac know I will be at his place on his day off” (Thursday). He took a team of three lads and pruned all the shrubs, cut the grass etc etc and spent the best part of a day there.

Macca was thrilled and Colin said to him: “You made my wife happy, I have tried to make you happy.” He then shook hands and left.

A good few days were had by all, what comes around goes around.’

Alan McDonald – a true QPR legend who will never be forgotten.

Steve Russell

6 thoughts on “In Memory of Alan McDonald who passed away three years ago today

  1. Still so sad so raw for his family and friends.
    Qpr should never forget the man the legend that is Alan McDonald nor will the fans let the club forget.
    One of the greatest club men seen in at the Rangers.
    Missed and gone forever from this earth but not our hearts.
    God bless you Alan.

  2. What a heart-warming story Big Dave relates, and, 3 years, on it is still hard to believe that the brave, indomitable, seemingly-indestructible Big Mac has gone. What a magnificent character and presence he was, and how diminished we are for his passing. A wonderful player for Rangers, forever in our hearts. Thanks for re-posting this Steve.

  3. some players just take to a football club and some supporters just take to a player. Macca, football legend, QPR legend

  4. Just great players stay in your memory banks for ever.
    An inspirational man and player.

  5. i just want to thank you all for you’re lovely comments and Dave for his story lovely man.Alan was so proud to play for QPR before he signed for them QPR flew my hubby and I over I met Tommy Docherty the then manager and asked him did he think Alan had what it took to be a good player there,he didn’t hesitate and said yes. Alan decided then to sign for QPR how proud we all were as a family of him and his career but so proud of the man he became a loyal,honest asset to QPR and to the Northern Ireland team he was a son a brother to us we remain so proud and honoured of his memory loved and missed every day by il of us. Truely Inspirational.

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