When a QPR Fan brought Legal Action against a Bolton Wanderers Player

QPR fan Derek Lamb successfully brought legal action against a Bolton Wanderers player following an incident at Loftus Road in October 1980. Rangers had won the game 3-1 with goals from Tommy Langley, Steve Burke (pen) and Dean Neal.

The caption on the reverse side of the press photo dated 13th February 1981 reads as follows:

‘Mr Derek Lamb, the Queen’s Park Rangers fan who was hit by gravel during a QPR – Bolton match last October. He brought a charge of common assault against Bolton Wanderers footballer Michael Carter, 20, who was today fined ¬£100 for the assault and for threatening behaviour, a charge brought by the police, at Wells Street Magistrates Court in London.’


Prior to breaking into Bolton’s first team, Carter had loan spells with Mansfield Town and Swindon. He was transferred to Plymouth Argyle in August 1982 after making 49 appearances for the Trotters. He later moved on to Hereford United.

Steve Russell

9 thoughts on “When a QPR Fan brought Legal Action against a Bolton Wanderers Player

  1. i was sitting about 4 seats away when it happened funnily enough, was in the days of the old gravel area around the edge of the pitch . Carter got tackled I think and a few lads from ellerslie gave him some stick he rolled over picked up the gravel and launched it into the guys face , think his glasses were broke in the incident

  2. That’s funny Steve, that’s my dad! I remember it well.

    Mike Carter actually had the gall to ask for time to pay!

    Thanks for the memories 🙂

  3. No glasses broken. Carter went up for a challenge with Steve Wicks in front of our little bit of the Ellerslie (we used to sit in the front row) and came off the worse. Of course, everyone laughed at him so he picked up a handful of gravel and sprayed it into the stand. Dad got an eyeful and was taken off for treatment. When he realised what he’d done, Carter feigned injury and his physio said something to the effect of “why did you do that, you stupid cxxx!” Caused a stir in the courtroom and an obvious admission of guilt. Happy days!
    (Don’t you just love the moustache? Good old Dad.)

  4. The away end was the old Loft without the roof and I hated the School end, so I stood on a huge terrace with about 100 Bolton fans at the top and 10 or so QPR fans near the bottom.
    The R’ s fans were not too fond of Tommy Langley and we’re singing ‘Shoot Tommy Langley we want to shoot Tommy Langley’
    The game kicks off and Tommy scores at the Loft end after 10 secs or so. As he returned hands held high celebrating his goal the fans sang ‘Shoot Tommy Langley we want to shoot Tommy Langley!’
    Found that funny but not as funny as the Bolton fans watching us celebrate.
    Last game before Venables became boss I think.

  5. In fact,I remember in the mid/late 70s we had a small pocket on the backside of our kit shorts for a while.Stanley B would occasionally grab a handful of sand/soil/gravel and stash it in his back pocket to deliver retribution to anyone that had been hacking away at him during the match.It was very funny watching him waiting for the moment when he could chuck in the eyes of the likes of Chopper Harris and Micky Droy out of sight from the Referee and Linesmen!!

  6. Great piece Steve, that’s a new story to me, cheers.
    I was in the South Africa Road stand that day, I don’t remember the incident but I remember Tommy Langley’s record breaking goal

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