Opposition Q&A Stoke City – “Hughes is just who we need right now”

This week we spoke to Britannia Stadium season ticket holder Donna from Stoke (@DoubleD1908) and here’s her take on our upcoming fixture.

Q. How pleased are you with the Potters’ progress this season? In the Premier League and in the cup?

A. I’m not surprised by how well we are playing we have built on last season and are improving all the time. There is still a lot to see as Mark Hughes says his teams are better second half of the season. I’m hoping we improve on our 9th place finish last year.

I am hopeful of us doing well and predict us playing Arsenal in the cup final. Either way if we reach Wembley we will have been successful in the cup.
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Q. Bojan Krkic looks like a superb buy for £1.4 million although he sadly got injured in the FA Cup win at Rochdale. What business in the transfer market do you think Mark Hughes will do before the window shuts?

A. I guess he may well look at our attacking midfield and strike force especially as our Bojan is sadly out for the season. it is hard to say as our squad is massively improved all round and I’m enjoying most of what I’m seeing. I think the moto is now “In Hughes we trust”

Q. To be fair, Mark Hughes isn’t the most popular man amongst QPR fans, although it can be argued the shambles at the time wasn’t entirely his fault. What do you think of the Welshman’s time as manager at Stoke?

A. I was quite excited by MH appointment to our club it seemed to demonstrate ambition for change and development and that has proved true. There are some fans who will forever live in the shadow of Tony Pulis that’s their choice. Mostly there is a lot of trust, praise and a feeling good things are coming at Stoke. I don’t think most are bothered what he has done elsewhere as long as he comes good for us which certainly seems the case.

Q. Would you prefer Tony Pulis or Mark Hughes as Stoke manager, and why?

A.I am sure I am not alone in being eternally grateful to TP for everything he did for us,he is part of our journey in getting where we are today. There have been lots of good times. However we have now moved forward into a new era one looking further forward than settling for 40 points. I think MH is just who we need right now I feel thankful he came to us after all we aren’t a team popular with the media – not that we care!

Q.How do you think Hughes will set up this Saturday? Who is the Potters player to watch and why?

A. There have been so many changes this season with one thing and another including injuries and Diouff at the African nations cup. I don’t know who he’d pick we’ve not been that settled partly because we have built a more even squad but I think it’s good to watch the defensive partnership between Shawcross and Wolschied although I’m left unsure of what this means for Muniesa an excellent ex Barca player – our new feeder club!

Q. Historically QPR have often been well-liked amongst opposition fans although this has changed in recent times with our perceived influx of spending power. How do you see the QPR of today?

A. The main thing that sticks in my mind about QPR is there seems a lot of over hype. I still picture them as long ball and very physical but then lots of people also have the same incorrect impression of us too.

Q. Which current QPR player/s do you rate or admire, if any?

Clint Hill played for us not too long back and I wish him well. We also have Crouch who used to play for you so I guess we aren’t adverse to movement of players between us. I see Charlie Austin as the current main threat at QPR having scored around 13 goals a good all round striker. I also like Caulker as a player surprised he hasn’t received more praise than I’ve heard.

Q. What do you make of QPR manager Harry Redknapp? How surprised are you that he is still in charge of Loftus Road?

A. Perhaps the board are happy enough to move between championship and premier league? It doesn’t show much ambition to QPR fans from what I see. However not sure who would replace him? Redknapp has never been a favourite of mine.

Q. Which three teams do you tip for relegation this season?

A. Sadly for you I think the bottom three as it is now is likely. However it could be a close call and be any of the bottom five.

Q. Score and prediction for Stoke City vs QPR on Saturday?

A. I’m going 2-0 goals by Moses and Crouch.

Once again thank you to Donna for taking the time out to answer our questions.

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  1. May Mark Hughes burn in Hell. Even though I am an atheist, I cannot think of a better place for this creature to end up in.
    He, and his vile associate, the “agent” Kia Joorabchian, are a pox on the face of football.

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