The Comic Connection – No.15 – Roy of the Rovers – 21st March 1981

The R’s were featured numerous times in ‘Roy of the Rovers’ and on the 21st March 1981, Simon Stainrod was included as their ‘Star Portrait’.


‘Mighty Mouse!’ is first up – Kevin Mouse, known as ‘Mighty’ Mouse on the football field, was a student at St Victor’s Hospital and a part-timer with Tottenford Rovers in the First Division. Mouse was also in charge of the St Victor’s soccer team and he arranged for them to play their last match of the season on Tottenford’s groundwhich delighted the St Victor’s team. Just before Kevin was about to leave with his team, matron ordered him to unload a lorry

Next up is ‘The Footballer Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead’ – Andy Steele, a professional footballer, was struck by lightning and killed. Seventy years later, at the same spot, young Mel Deakin was also struck by lightningbut he survived and from that moment Andy Steele often appeared to Mel and gave him hints and tips about the game. When Mel was chosen to play for the County Boys’ team, Andy told him what happened when he played for the County Boys

Following ‘Famous Football Funnies’ is ‘Roy of the Rovers’ in full colour -Roy’s wife, Penny, had flown off to Crete with the twins, because he was spending too much time with relegation-haunted Melchester Rovers. Although Roy had collapsed with exhaustion during an FA Cup match, the Rovers had won throughand now Roy was hoping for a message from Penny


‘The Safest Hands in Soccer’ – Gordon Stewart was the brilliant young goalkeeper of Tynefield City, who were about to start their first season in Division One of the Football League. He had caught a thief named Billy Kramer, who had stolen some of his valued soccer trophies

‘Tommy’s Troubles’ – Tommy Barnes and his pal, Ginger Collins, formed their own football club, Barnes United. And a farmer loaned them a field, plus an old stable for use as a pitch and club-house. One day at school, Tommy’s enemy, Adam Waller, fixed cotton to Tommy’s desk and when he opened the lid, the cotton pulled a vase off the Master’s desk. A policeman was giving the boys a lecture on road safety at the time

‘The Hard Man’ – Britain’s Danefield United were playing Italy’s Canazaro, in the quarter-finals of the European Cup Winners’ Cup competition. At the end of extra time, the scores were still level, each side had to take five penalties to decide the match. United’s fifth penalty was saved

‘The Marks Brothers’ – Steve and Terry Marks were brothersSteve an outstanding striker with First Division Kingsbay; Terry, a centre-half for Stockbridge Town, who led the Fourth Division for the first time in their history. Although ‘Bay were having a poor season in the league, they were still in the UEFA Cup and confident of victory at home against Norwegian part-timers, FC Havanger

And finally’The Kid From Argentina’ – Jorge Porbillas, a young Argentinian, joined Manton County in the First Division as an apprentice at the age of seventeen. County had many injury problems and had to field a team which included several reserves, plus two apprenticesJorge and the goalkeeper, Ray Shellwood. It was the ‘make-shift’ team that won their League Cup Semi-Finaland manager, Bert Trubshawe, kept the same team for the final!

No.16 in the series will follow in the near future.

Steve Russell