In Memory of a QPR Legend – Mrs Daphne Biggs

Daphne sadly passed away twelve years ago today.

One of her many roles during her long association with our club included her involvement with the Supporter’s Club Ladies Section. The following article appeared in the 1951-52 Handbook:

‘The Queen’s Park Rangers Supporters Club Ladies’ Section was formed last November as a result mainly of the efforts of Mrs Ray Sonin, wife of the President of the Supporter’s Club. After acting as chairman for some months she unfortunately had to leave London and found it impossible to give the Section the time that it needed, excepting of course in an advisory capacity.

She was able, however, to secure the interest of Miss Philippa Cohen (a niece of the late Philip Cohen who many will remember as a Director for over twenty-five years), who was duly elected Chairman. Miss Cohen has been an active supporter of the club for many years.


(Pictured above are, left to right – back row: Mrs B Elkins, Mrs I Durrant, Mrs Pearce, Miss C O’Connell, Miss McKenzie, Mrs Jones, Mrs Boyle, Miss J Lovett, Miss D Gurrin, Miss E Morris, Miss R Goodchild, Mrs E Reeves.

Seated: Mrs Gorton, Miss D Langton, Mrs Lindsay, Miss P Rowe, Miss P Cohen (Chairman), Miss P Lovett, Mrs D Biggs, Miss G Holtom, Miss J Stevenson).

The aims and objects of the Ladies’ Section are set out in a Constitution which has been duly approved by a Committee which at the moment consists of twenty-two enthusiastic members and which meets at regular intervals to discuss various suggestions for helping the main body financially and with personal assistance as and when required.

Since the Ladies’ Section inception two successful ‘Sales of Work’ have been held and these in addition to other activities have raised ¬£92.

The Section is always pleased to welcome any new members and those interested should communicate with the Hon. Secretary, Miss G Holtom, 15 St John’s Avenue, Harlesden, NW10.’

God Bless you Daphne.

Steve Russell

5 thoughts on “In Memory of a QPR Legend – Mrs Daphne Biggs

  1. Daphne Biggs, a faithfull servant to the club. As a child I remember a number of away trips on various supporters club coaches where Daphne was the coach marshall. Lovely lady.

  2. Yes a True legend that’s for sure.

    I’ll never forget how tolerant she was of all of us lively young kids crowding out that cramped supporters club office underneath the old wooden Ellerslie Rd Stand during the late 1950’s….one memory among many.

    Good article Steve.

  3. Daphne was an amazing lady and a very good friend. She was truly Mrs QPR. She had a lot to contend with when she lost her husband in early days and also later in life she was mugged twice and also had a bad car accident, but she never felty sorry for herself, but just kept going. Daphne’s work at QPR and running the Supporters Club was her life. I hope she will never be forgotten at QPR. She was a lovely lady and a legend.

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