The Eighth Taddy & Co. QPR Cigarette Card – John McLean

Taddy & Co. produced three sets of cards in their Prominent Footballer series. This is now the eighth QPR card that buy cialis 5mg I have featured from the first series in 1907.

They issued another set the following year and a number of these cards would have included the same players.

This card was issued with Taddy’s ‘Myrtle Grove’ Medium Cigarettes and on the reverse side it reads as follows: ‘A ripe, full flavoured Pipe Tobacco, fine cut. In a good well-seasoned briar or a well-coloured meerschaum it will be found an admirable tobacco’.


John McLean was born in Port Glasgow on 22nd May 1872 (or possibly 1870?). He was transferred from the Greenock Volunteers to Liverpool in 1894.

He was rather short for a centre-half (5ft 6ins), but apparently this was not unusual during this era. That said, Liverpool preferred him as a full-back and due to competition at the club this was to restrict him to just eight appearances during his final season there.

Grimsby Town then signed him and he went on to play for both Bristol clubs, Millwall Athletic before joining the Rangers in May 1906

John made his debut on 1st September 1906 against Luton Town and he went on to make 78 appearances (including the two Charity Shield matches against Manchester United) for the 1st team before retiring in 1908.

Steve Russell

(John McLean’s career details came from the following books: ‘The History of Queen’s Park Rangers’ by Gordon Macey and also John Marks’s ‘Heroes in Hoops’)