Macca – The Passing of a QPR Legend Two Years Ago Today

Big Dave got to know Alan McDonald personally and to commemorate his sad passing two years ago today, I’ve put together some of Dave’s memories:

‘My son Dan used to play for Acton Ealing Whistlers football team. Many of the managers and players were supporters of the R’s. Kevin Gallen’s dad was also with the club.

As the end of the season came closer, I was asked if I could get Mac to present the end of year trophies. He asked when it was, Rangers were at home that day, and then he asked me where it was and I told him that it was in a church in Acton.

“Yep will do that for Dan and the lads” and everyone was buzzing about it. The day came and I was in the players ‘lounge after the game chatting to various people. The presentations were to be at 7.30pm and Mac said: “Is it alright if Ian comes along?”

“Alright” I said, “they will be thrilled”. Anyway, we all got to the church behind Acton Town Hall. Great, went in, sat down just inside the entrance. Suddenly I thought that Mac and Ian were quiet and I said to them: “Are you ok?”

“Yes of course we are”, then they both burst into a slight chuckle. I said again: “You ok?”

“Yes Dave” and they both said: “Look right”.

In front of them was a huge portrait of the Pope. Mac said quietly: “I’m glad my father can’t see me now”. Both had another chuckle and it went into a standing ovation from everyone. The kids were gobsmacked, two of their idols were there and it was a great evening for all.’


‘When Macca was released by QPR, I was driving down the Argyle Road in Ealing listening to ‘Talk Sport’ when suddenly it was announced that Macca had been released by Rangers. This was at the end of the season and I thought to myself that this was a very sad moment for all!

I rang Dave Anderson to see if he knew any reasons etc. He said that he hadn’t heard a thing about it so I thought that I would phone the big fellow himself. He was on his way to get the ferry to go over to home. When he answered the phone I said to him: “You kept that quiet”. He asked me what I was on about?

“About leaving the Bush” I said.

Guess what, it had been announced by the club and he didn’t know, and it was me that gave him the news. I thought I was going to be sick – he was speechless and so was I of course!

After a while I spoke to Dave Anderson and explained, it totally gobsmacked the both of us, sad one!’

Alan McDonald – a true QPR legend who will never be forgotten.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “Macca – The Passing of a QPR Legend Two Years Ago Today

  1. RIP Macca. Your passion, effort and all-round class was one of the key reasons I fell in love with QPR in the early 90s. Never forgotten.

  2. Interesting to read about the circumstances of Alan’s leaving the club as a player. As a club we have treated some loyal servants (on and off the pitch) very poorly over the years. Fortunately the fans do remember and the current regime do appear to want to ensure that such matters are handled better in future. Alan McDonald will never be forgotten by the fans who saw him wear the hoops.

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