From 1930 – Another Win for the Legendary Notting Dale Boxer Alf Mancini

Rosemarie Tedeschi recently informed me that the legendary Alf Mancini grew up at 57 Bramley Road, W10 and that her grandfather was Alf’s brother.

Alf Mancini recorded another victory on 29″ January, 1930 at Paddington Baths against Pop Newman. The following article titled: ‘Mancini’s “Snappy” Display’, appeared in the West London Observer on 7th February, 1930:

‘Whenever Alf Mancini fights in West London there is always a record crowd and Paddington Baths were no exception last week when he met Pop Newman, the Leicester welterweight and holder of the Midlands championship, and at the weigh-in prior to the contest the latter scaled 10st 7lb: Mancini weighed 10st 11lb.

The bout was scheduled for 15 rounds. Both opened coolly, Newman towering inches above his opponent, looked good to a casual observer. Prancing around on his toes, with left arm half extended, he gave one the opinion that he might jab Mancini’s head off, but some clever feinting by the latter steadied him.

There was little in it in Rounds 2 and 3. Newman tried to gain confidence with a long left, while Alfred was just content on picking weak spots and waiting for an opening.


In Round 4 the opening came. Newman had been on the ropes for a brief spell and, chancing an opportunity, he managed to gain the centre of the square. Mancini followed with cat-like prowliness and then it all happened so quickly – Newman was on the floor. The knockdown had occurred with such suddenness that there were doubts about the last blows.

A left hook and a right did the trick: it is one of Alfred’s famous double punches which he developed in the United States and has since used with marked effect. The Leicester man managed to scramble up at “10” but was in such a bad state that the referee stopped the contest immediately. Another blow from Mancini would have put him out for some considerable time and it was a wise act on the part of the referee’.

Unfortunately the last few lines of the report are disjointed with some words missing – ‘for a brief spell and, chancing an opportunity for the annual kiddies’ outing tournament in Shepherd’s Bush and it is possible that Alf Mancini will box on the programme’.

There were also two other bouts involving local fighters and resulted as follows: Bert Sanders of Paddington was outpointed by Jack Fifeford of Portsmouth over 12 Rounds, but Fred Bloomfield of Westbourne Park outpointed Wally Jordan of Hackney over 6 Rounds.

Steve Russell

(The above pic is from my collection and I would like to thank Rosemarie Tedeschi once again for her assistance)