From 1950: Queen’s Park Rangers on Parade – Sports Reporter Magazine

The Soccerbilia website states that ‘Sports Reporter’ started life as a small format magazine. It first appeared on 21st August 1948 and continued up until at least 15th February 1950. However this particular edition is slightly later than that, dated 18th March 1950.

The illustrated weekly was available every Saturday and by now had gone up from 4d to 6d. Interestingly, it describes itself as ‘the paper that supports the Man who supports football.’ That leads me into the letters page and the responses to ‘reader Binkley’s’ comments regarding women attending football matches ! Alex Fayres of Ipswich didn’t completely agree:

‘I agree with Reader Binkley’s comments regarding women at football matches, but, however, I am convinced that there a small minority who do understand and appreciate our great winter game. However, football is a man’s sport and Saturday afternoon is his one spot of relaxation away from it all. Like Reader Binkley, I am no woman hater, but I should like to appeal to the girls to let the poor fellows have their afternoon. After all, the girls have their own way all the rest of the week.’

The R’s are featured on the front cover:


Back row, left to right: Heath, Parkinson, Woodward, Allen, Reay, Wardle. Front row, left to right: Pointon, Ramscar, Hatton, Hudson, Pattison.

There is also a page-length potted history of the Rangers, but it doesn’t appear to include any new information.

Steve Russell