From the 1966/1967 Season: ‘Why I Support the Top Team – QPR – The Go-Go Goal Getters’

As far as I can remember, this leaflet was handed out to fans as they entered the ground, probably before the Bristol Rovers home game on 3rd December 1966 (Rangers scored three more that day):

‘As a good friend and loyal supporter of Q.P.R. please help us to win more friends and more loyal supporters by passing this message to a friend of yours’ – I kept mine of course, besides, Rangers had a big following at Selborne School in Perivale anyway.


Another similar leaflet issued that season (which I have previously featured) was: ‘The Season’s Greetings From The Team of the Season’. That one was distributed to Rangers supporters later that month.

The goals continued to flow throughout the season, in fact, the R’s scored 134 league and cup goals by May ! Rodney Marsh created a club record with 44 goals, Mark Lazarus scored 21 and Les Allen registered 20. For the record, Roger Morgan scored 14, Mike Keen 8, Jimmy Langley 8, Keith Sanderson 6, Alan Wilks 5 and Ian Morgan 4. Also, Mick Leach, Frank Sibley and Tony Hazell chipped in with a goal apiece. Finally there was also an Ian Crawford own goal.

Rangers were certainly the ‘Go-Go Goal Getters’ that season !

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “From the 1966/1967 Season: ‘Why I Support the Top Team – QPR – The Go-Go Goal Getters’

  1. It’s good you old uns are educating us in respect of Rs history!!
    Seriously though I can’t remember getting that on entry, and no, it wasn’t because we were busy climbing the wall to get in!
    It sums up a brilliant time in our history that will never be forgotten.

  2. I tweeted this to Rodney himself this morning asking what he thought. He tweeted back saying he ‘loved it’! Praise indeed!

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