Dale Youth ABC to Host Boxing Gala on Friday 25th January at the Harrow Club, W10

On Friday (25th January), the Dale Youth Boxing Club will be hosting a boxing gala at the Harrow Club in Freston Road, W10. Commencing at 7.30pm, 20 fights have been scheduled including a 71kg bout between the Dale’s Will McDermott and All Stars’ Obi Egbunike from Harlesden.

Tickets are just ¬£15 and its pay on the door. Further details appeared in last Friday’s local Gazette:

‘Dale Youth are hoping it will be third time lucky when they host their first show on home turf in more than 10 years on Friday, January 25. The gala was meant to have been tonight (Friday 18th), but the ABA ruled against the Maxilla Centre, next to the Westway, deeming it too small.

The North Kensington club’s coach Gary McGuiness, had originally scheduled it for tomorrow, only to find it clashed with the National Schoolboy Championships. Now the club that produced former Olympic champion James DeGale and seven ABA champions in eight years has moved the show to the Harrow Club in nearby Freston Road where they hope to recoup their ¬£1,400 outlay.’

Good luck to Mick Delaney and the Dale Youth on Friday night.

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “Dale Youth ABC to Host Boxing Gala on Friday 25th January at the Harrow Club, W10

  1. When I was a member of Sulgrave boys club throughout the early/mid 1960’s The Harrow club and the Dale club always had their own seperate premises.

    Whats happened to the old Dale Club premises. Surley this event should have been held there instead of the Harrow Club??

    Can anyone out there explain?

  2. Bernard, About 12 years ago I got involved with sponsoring a boxing event for the Dale Youth ABC on behalf of the LSA. The Dale Sec/matchmaker Ernie Harris (sadly died last year) picked me up from Holland Park Station and took me to their gym to meet Mick Delaney.The event was later held at the Rugby Club in Walmer Road, which was later demolished. Their gym is not suitable for boxing events mate. My dad boxed at what was then known as the Harrow Mission sometime in the 20’s.

  3. Thanks for the info Steve. That explains everything …although back in the 1960’s when I played TT both at Harrow and Dale at first impression there did not seem a lot of difference in the facilities….but of course I never got a proper look round the entire premises.

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