The Comic Connection – No.6 – Rover – 10th January 1970

Published by D.C. Thomson, the ‘Rover’ started up as long ago as 1922. It merged with ‘Adventure’ in 1961 and two years later ‘The Wizard’ was discontinued and became the ‘Rover and Wizard’. The Rover is particularly famous for the text stories that later went on to become strips in comics such as the ‘Hornet’ and the ‘Valiant’. One such well known character was Alf Tupper, ‘Tough of the Track’, the athlete who was always eating fish and chips.

This particular issue from 10th January, 1970 qualifies for the series because among the footballers featured on the front cover was Ian Morgan. Inside, the stories included:

‘The Island in E-Boat Alley’ – Ford put his escape plan into action. Now he and Kinnaird watch anxiously for the E-boat captain’s next move.

‘The Ragged Rovers’ – One by one the four star players of the Stanton Rovers team fall to the ground clutching their stomachs in pain. What has Miser Milson done now ?

‘Lionheart Hogan’ – Axe-Man of the Battles. One moment off guard and Axe-Man finds himself surrounded by Japs. Now only his famous axe can see him out of danger.

‘Morry Always Had a Move On’ – Being robbed by Morry’s mob was a “moving” experience. They were nicknamed “The Woodworms.” Now read of the day when they found no hole to hide in !

‘Musgrave Rides By Night’ – Musgrave’s horse Little Jock has often saved his master by his speed. Now those flashing hooves attempt to rescue the outlaw once more !

‘It’s Goals That Count’ – The heat is on for the Hotspurs; the cup-tie is only a few days away, so this game of header-tennis becomes a specialised training routine.

Finally, on the back page, ‘The Cruise of the Thrasher’ is in comic style. Twenty-seven years ago this week, on January 7, 1943, H.M. Submarine Thrasher made a triumphant return to Britain after 18 months of hectic patrols in the Mediterranean. During this time she was shelled, bombed from the air and attacked by depth charges, yet she survived to strike back at her attackers.

The ‘Rover’ finally folded in January 1973.

Steve Russell

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  1. Jim Conway used to come down for a chat while we were kids football training in North Ken,we all used to get on to him for not being in a proper team like QPR,nice bloke thou,up for a laugh.I think they sold him to Leeds for £80.0000,a weeks wages these days?

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