Alan ‘Macca’ McDonald: QPR Legend – God Bless Him

The Rangers Community is in a state of shock and deeply saddened following the terrible news that Alan McDonald had died. We heard that he had died suddenly after collapsing while playing golf this morning, he was only 48.

Sammy McIlroy said: “I’m shell-shocked. Words can’t even enter my head at the moment. Forty-eight is so young. Alan was always larger than life – during his career and after. I have spoken to Norman Whiteside and he is devastated.”
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From the Indy R’s board Nodge70 posted: “Just stunned and numb. The word legend is bandied around too often nowadays, but Macca was the real deal, heart on sleeve and a genuine bloke. R.I.P, Big Man.”

May we offer our deepest sympathy and condolences to Alan’s family and friends at this time. A Rangers legend, he will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Macca.

Steve Russell on behalf of the Independent R’s

24 thoughts on “Alan ‘Macca’ McDonald: QPR Legend – God Bless Him

  1. Still totally shocked Steve, its one of those things were you always will remember where you were when you heard the news.I’ve got so many memories of Macca’s career , it is an absolute credit to the man that he still regarded us as his club even after being treated so shabbily in 2006.

    I hope the club will come up with a suitable tribute.

    R.I.P. Macca

  2. Chris, I’m still stunned mate, but I hope that when the time is right the club consider going to Belfast and playing a benefit match for his family in his memory at Crusaders

  3. I’m shattered. I’ve just jumped on to the net to find out this news. Alan was and always will be a thought of in the highest esteme by me. I first met in in the early 80’s, he came tyo New Zealand with the team and we caught up again in London in 1985.

    He represented all that was goodabout QPR and football, yet the club itself treated him like shit at the end of his career and again when as co-coach.

    As others have said, “Legend” is such an easy word to use but this man was an exception. A football fan, a QPR fan and a talented and I believe, “under-rated” player. A man I will miss, yet remember fondly of.

    RIP Alan, my sincerest condolances to his family and close friends.

  4. In an era where loyalty an respect have been replaced buy the highest bidder an diving I condsider it an honour of the highest respect to say I watched a true QPR legend play for his club, for his team mates club an country in an honest an fair way throughout his days,,,,, a sad day for us all, RIP Alan, condolences to your family, forever in our thoughts bud

  5. Terrible news for a man that was QPR through and through. Others may have got the headlines, but all Rangers fans knew who the hero was in so many games. Heart on sleeve. Rest in peace Macca. 48, far to young. Come on Rangers, a fitting tribute needed to the legend that was Alan McDonald

  6. My sincere condolences to Alan’s family and loved ones.

    Where I come from, there is no greater mark of respect for a man than being known as ‘Proper.’

    Alan McDonald………Proper Man.
    Alan Mcdonald………Proper Footballer.

    And where ever he is now……they will already know that he is ‘Proper.’

    Rest in Peace Alan McDonald…..
    And thank you for all those memories.

  7. I am not ashamed to say i shed a tear or two today sadness of it all is too much for many of us and god knows how his family will cope.
    I sit here still numb and not taking it in at all.

    To many he was the most seen player in the hoops over 17 years that is some doing and so loyal.

    Terrible day for us all god be with you Alan and thank you for all you gave and done for our club and country.

  8. Thanks Steve. Nothing I can meaningfully say. A colossus, the heart and soul. I just remember the reports, how his family kept forcing him to return to Loftus Road when he was homesick as a kid, then losing his brother in 86 I think. I think I even remember Jim Gregory spending more time commiserating with him than any of the others when they received their losers medals in 86. I remember him on the news when Northern Ireland got their 0-0 draw at Wembley to make the World Cup, saying “If anyone wants to say that was a fix, you’d better come to me, ‘cos we bloody earned that.” And the hilarity when he went in goal for Swindon at Loftus and we couldn’t beat him. Macca, legend…R.I.P.

  9. A true Rangers legend who gave his all when wearing the blue and white hoops. I am sure a certain Mark Hughes still has the scars of their battles!

    RIP Macca

  10. What a terrible shock. I was a reporter for The Sun back in the day when Macca forced his way to 1st team contention under Venners.
    He was raw as hell but an astonishing prospect and just could not be ignored, despite the club being well stocked with centre halves.
    In those days reporters readily mixed with players in a way that is impossible today & I think I can speak for most hacks covering QPR back then that Macca was the most friendly of a decent bunch. RIP a true Loftus Rd legend.

  11. Reading all these beautiful words bring a comfort to my family & I. My daddy was not only a legend on the pitch, but as much as a hero off it !! Our hearts ache but your messages and memories keep us strong. On behalf of my family I would like to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. With love, Courtney McDonald x

  12. Your Dad will be greatly missed by all of us Courtney but obviously that’s nothing compared to the hole his untimely passing must have left for his family. We’re all thinking of you. With very best wishes. Martin

  13. Didn’t have the guts after reading your message Courtney – it was so moving – so thank you Martin. 48 is terribly young but your Dad gave everything to life and could not have achieved more or left such a wonderful impression on people. I wish you and your family everything the great man would have wanted for you.

  14. RIP “macca”, thank you for all you did for qprfc as man and boy….i hope qpr either name a stand for him and/or arrange a benefit game, the qpr “family” has suffered a big loss.

  15. Courtney, thank you so much for posting that. Rangers are his extended family and he will always be remembered as a great man and a legend. My mate Dave Evatt knew him personally and he received the terrible news directly on Saturday from one of your dad’s brothers.

    Our thoughts are with you all at this time, our sincere condolences to you and your family.
    God Bless
    Steve xxx

  16. Shocked, stunned, and saddend on hearing of the untimely death of one of our very own.

    Gave his all for the club, it’s the only way he new.
    A credit to the game, and a credit as a human being.
    Never heard a bad word said about him.

    Will always be remembered not only as a footballer, but as a man.
    Will be greatly missed by one and all, but never forgotten
    Thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time. Sincere condolences to you all.

    Rest In Peace Alan McDonald.
    A True Legend.

  17. I’ve managed to keep a dry eye for the past 24 hours. My secret ? By not coming on here…………and now I’m welling up again.It still hasn’t sunk in and I’m just a fan but seeing his daughters post and reading comments from players and his friends brings it all home. We’ll never see his like again at our club.I’m just thankful I saw him play for most of his career in our colours.

  18. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
    But Macca deserves to have it all said over & over.
    He was a QPR legend, a great player & one who will always be remembered fondly & with the greatest respect by those of us lucky enough to have seen him play.
    R.I.P Macca.

  19. Dear Courtney,

    Thanks for the kind acknowlegements to us all. Your father & I first met here in New Zealand in 1983 when the Hoops played a few games here. I’ll tell you now, he was an excellent pool player back then. A man of great humour and quit as when it came to seeing the funny side of things. His genuineness and honesty along with his integrity was 2nd to no one.

    I came back to QPR in 1985 and walkedinto the club shop one day. He was in there talking to Tony Ingham whilst signing some autographs for some kids. He looked up and saw me and straight away said “You’re that kiwi fella”. He remembered me and I have no doubts he remembered most others he met. I in return will remember him for all I and others have said.

    Be proud of him and remember, we too are and will always be proud of him too.

  20. I remember standing in the enclosure below the Railway stand at Windsor park watch Alan play for our wee country. Such a dedicated player. Another memory I have is going to watch Northern Ireland train at Bangor’s ground, must have been 12 and I was wearing a QPR top with number 5 on the back. He must have been shocked to see a QPR top in Bangor.

    The thing I’ve heard the most is “legend is an word used to often… In this case it’s justified.


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