The Comic Connection – No.4 – ‘Bullet’ – 14th August, 1976

‘Bullet’ was another 70’s comic from the D.C. Thomson publishing stable. It was first published on 14th February, 1976 and available for 7p. The comic eventually merged with ‘Warlord’ in December 1978. The main character was…’Is it a Bird ? Is it a Plane ? Is it Tarzan ? No – It’s Fireball.’ Apparently he was modelled on the actor Peter Wyngarde, although only in looks I would think !

Other stories in No. 27 included:

The Mice of Tobruk – North Africa 1942. Four youngsters are cut off in German occupied Tobruk.

Swooping Vengeance – Doctor Doom’s monster eagle escapes from captivity – with Doom’s bitterest enemies Red Raglan and Ferret helpless passengers !

Twisty – Up-and-coming young footballer, Twisty Lunnon, has been given a chance to play for 4th Division Sleethorpe United’s reserves – provided he gets rid of his racing pigeons !

The Granite Guardian – A tale of mystery from Solomon Knight. Can the fighting spirit of a long-dead soldier live on in a stone statue ?

Hunted – Deadly danger at the fun-fair for Benny. On the run from the police, Benny Regan helps lorry driver Frank Casey to foil a hi-jacking. Then he discovers that Mrs Casey is the sister of the man he is searching for.

Midge – Six stones of will-power v four strands of steel. Suddaby’s Sports Emporium in Ironbury is hushed as 16-year-old “Midge Miller” attempts to stretch a four-strand chest expander. Midge hopes to build up his six-stone body, and Eric Suddaby has promised to give the boy the expander as soon as he can master it.

Readers could also become a ‘Fireball’ and join the Fireball club. As a member you would receive two Fireball calling cards, a wallet, Fireball pendant plus the top secret story of how he became Fireball !

Steve Russell

3 thoughts on “The Comic Connection – No.4 – ‘Bullet’ – 14th August, 1976

  1. I once was a member of the warlord special agents.
    I bet i was not the only one in Rathcoole in them days.

  2. Also Stan Bowles is on the back page of the Bullet No.27, “spot the stars” competition hes picture number 4 after a canoeing accident!!

    I agree Andy Don is wearing the Proper QPR jersey! Nice to see no sponsors on the front!! Those were the days!

    Nice article Steve, I have an original copy of this edition if anyone is interested in it just email me.

    Love the Raleigh Grifter advert on page 32!!

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