R’s Fan Margaret Bunday from Godolphin Road, London, W12

R’s fan Margaret Bunday was featured on 7th November 1953 in the popular football weekly and to give it its full title, ‘Raich Carter’s Soccer Star.’

‘A familiar sight at Queen’s Park Rangers football ground is pretty Rangers’ supporter Margaret Bunday who lives at Godolphin Road, London W12. Dressed in her blue skirt embroidered with the names and figures of the team, she runs round the pitch ringing in “good luck” to the Rangers. Margaret who is 16-years-old, has been supporting the Rangers for three seasons; she never misses a home game, and very seldom one away. Naturally, Margaret has a favourite among the Rangers, although she likes all of them, but the lucky man is outside-left Ernie Shepherd, who’s No.11 she keeps in sight throughout the match from her position on the centre line. You see Ernie and Margaret photographed on our front cover.

With the children Margaret is very popular. Whenever she goes to an away game, she brings back programmes for them, and every time she runs round the pitch she stops at the children’s line to distribute “1d on the ball” tickets to those nearest.’

Sunderland legend and England international Raich Carter started off as the editor, but in the summer of 1955 his name was dropped and it continued to run as ‘Soccer Star’ until 19th June 1970.

Steve Russell

7 thoughts on “R’s Fan Margaret Bunday from Godolphin Road, London, W12

  1. Great piece of fan/social history Steve. I wonder if she married a Paddington Porter? 😉

  2. Thanks for that little gem Steve. Not sure if she was still selling tickets when I started in the late fifties. Need to wake Kerrins up..he is bound to know!

  3. Wow, what a lady. Sge’d be 73 now. I wonder if she is still alive and still a fan. Great piece Steve. That’s what been a fan is all about. She’s a real gem this lady.

  4. Very good article Steve, you never cease to amaze me with your historical facts about QPR well done mate. BTW I loved the ‘Ghost Bus’ of St Marks Road, any chance you could repeat that story.

  5. Interesting read Steve but unfortunately the name Margaret Bunday does not ring a bell

    I dont recall her selling tickets when I started going in 1957. The only other stalwart supporters I can relate to from that time are Daphne Biggs and Ken Blackburn.

    Great Pic of that old style Soccer Star.

  6. I am Margaret Bundays younger sister Linda. Margaret died at the age of 58 in Norfolk but she still went to every home game until she became ill a year before she died. As a child I also went to every home game until I moved to Warrington in 1970 I still support them to this day

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