An Open Letter to Rangers Fans as Amit Bhatia Resigns

Yesterday’s season ticket news caused uproar within the R’s Community. The Board made a futile attempt to justify these outrageous price increases with the following statement: “The Board are keen to stress that the prices are in line with other London-based clubs, and are encouraged by early sales figures following the release of season ticket prices earlier today.” No doubt those sales were unprecedented !!!

If that wasn’t bad enough, during the afternoon the devastating news then broke that Amit Bhatia had quit the Board following the decision to hike up the season ticket prices, sack Ishan Saksena and other reasons which are currently unclear:

“It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation as vice-chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club. Although there have been challenges, the last 15 months have been a period of stability and success and it gives me immense pleasure to see QPR back in the Premier League where I feel the club belongs. However, it is clear to me from recent board meetings that my vision, strategy and direction for the club is very different from that of the other shareholders and board members. It has been the greatest honour to have served this club as an owner and board member for the past three years,

The recent decisions to sack the club CEO and chairman Ishan Saksena and significantly increase season ticket prices are just two of the decisions I disagree with. While it saddens me to leave QPR after such a successful season and at the beginning of an exciting new phase, I do not wish to be associated with or take responsibility for decisions made by the board and with which I disagree so strongly.

The Mittal family have been in discussions concerning the possible acquisition of the club. However, we have been unable to reach agreement on this matter and therefore those discussions have now come to an end. Although no longer a decision-maker at QPR, I shall continue to be a 33% owner and a 100% fan of the club. In due course, we will appoint a board representative to monitor my family’s investment in the club. I shall look forward to supporting the club as a fan next season and would like to thank Neil Warnock for his leadership and friendship over the past 14 months. It has been my pleasure to work with him and be part of the club’s recent success and wish the club every success in the Premiership.”

Personally, my hope had been that having reached what could of been an ideal opportunity to re-build our club, this optimism quickly evaporated when I heard this terrible news. We pinned our hopes on the Mittal family and now I’m stunned. Our club is unstable once again and we look to the future with great uncertainty. For now, somehow it will splutter along to God knows where with a policy of ‘take it or leave it.’ Arrogance abounds and the erratic decision making will continue until their real motives are revealed.

As I watched the Mittals’ on the Loftus Road pitch celebrating with the fans after the Leeds game, I then hoped that this would become a poignant period in our history as their attempt to take full control of the club would be successful. With the sacking of Ishan Saksena and that quote from Bernie Ecclestone the other day it was obvious that something had to give:
“Mittal put out a statement to say he was going to buy all the shares on Monday. But it’s a bit like these Murdoch people saying they’re going to buy CVC. They have forgotten to ask if it’s for sale.” Now we are left with the clowns and a very uncertain future, the only thing is of course, we ain’t laughing !

Steve Russell

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Rangers Fans as Amit Bhatia Resigns

  1. Bernie seems intent in undoing all the good work the club has achieved in the last 14 months. He is destroying what would have been a very rosie future for the R’s.
    I do not understand him as a businessman – his decesions are non-sensicle. It seems he doesn’t have QPR’s best interest at heart to move on to the next level. If Warnock goes I can see players leaving as well plus the fans would be distraught. The club would implode – can’t he see this. I am very sure the Mittals would have offered an extremely good package for him and the club. Bernie, step aside PLEASE, swallow some humble pie and let the Mittals buy the majority share for the sake of the club. DS.

  2. Despite Flavio’s denials, track record suggests we will get compliant manager, gimmicky overseas signings, no transfer fees but plenty of wages, the shambles that Mittal promised to correct.

  3. the mittals were and hopefully the best thing to happen to rangers for many years.bernie and flavio have stated that they want their money back asap.amit asked during the meeting on weds for a combined 40 million on top of premier money to freeze season ticket and to give THEIR man neil a chance.The plan was laughed out of the room he hence the Mittals walking out.

  4. i agree i just can’t get my head round it i would have rather stayed in the championship and had the mittals family running the club. now we are back in the top flight they are back on the scene i just hope that something can be sorted out for us the QPR fans its our club but having these two clowns running things will be another joke.

  5. Heaven help us now, a slippery slope,? No worse,this is a unmittigating disaster for every ‘Hoops’ fan, the ticket price debacle is one thing but Mr Bhatia quitting leaving the club once more in the hands of people who have appeared in the past to have no understanding of football, let alone running a Premiership club or any club for that matter and now the gossip, Ancelotti, it is a nightmare

  6. Very good article. Unfortunately all true also. What else can happen to spoil our excitement ever more. Promotion to the Premier League should be celebrated. Unless of course you are a QPR fan. Our management don’t care about us at all.we need Mittal. We don’t need formula one .

  7. Christ lads,we all pour our hearts out about how much we love our club and how long we’ve waited to get back to the Premiership,,,,,,,but who of us honestly is surprised with this latest episode of Monty Pythons QPR world.Only us would go through all last seasons madness and end up being dictated to by an 80 year old with a Beatles hair cut and a dirty ol man with a tan………do any of us think either of them give too hoots about the real fans.Money made um and money will break um,,,,,,Amit will have the last laugh I’d say,and so will we R’s.

  8. ive been going to rangers since 68 ive seen good and bad owners but these two clowns have been beyond believe since they have been in charge its just one calamity after an other.i will not be renewing my season ticket, and i will not pay these prices, its disgusting what these two are doing to my club. no doubt mr warnock will be sacked once all season tickets have been sold.GOD HELP US.!!!!

  9. As if we have not endured enough. It is scandalous that the likes of Ecclestone and Briatore can once again put their interests ahead of the institution that is QPR. Perhaps we need some divine intervention to have these tired and destructive old men leave us alone and let those with the club’s best interest at heart manage our affairs.
    Go Mr Ecclestone, Go Mr Briatore and please take care the door doesn’t hit your a*** on the way out!

  10. The worst aspect of all is that Bernard and Flavio clearly do not care AT ALL about the club. It was a play thing that they are now bored with but they believe that they can rip the Mittals off by getting an obscene profit as a return on their (comparatively minimal) investment put in over the past 3.5 years. I do hope the opportunity exists for the Mittals to return to the table and buy the club. If not then the 2011/12 season will see us competing for Derby’s record of only 11 points gained in 2007/8.

  11. Where is the evidence that there has been ANY investment?
    Investment in the true meaning of the word that is. Investment where you back your judgement, but can afford to take the loss in the case of your judgement ‘expertise, transpiring to be incorrect or the recipient of profits (or fat dividends) in the case of success.
    The only evidence available leads one to gather that the only ‘input’ has been in the form of punitive loans.
    So, WHY are Ecclestone and Briatore here?
    Did Chris Wright leave behind him some uncollected crumbs in a dark cupboard that nobody else had collected? Will their NEXT move be to ‘borrow’ the services of Chris Wright’s friendly administrator?

  12. I can’t get my head around this mess. Come on Bernie and Flav, step aside. Let the Indians have a go, the cowboys will ruin us.

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