Open Letter To Flavio Briatore

Far be it my intention for us to fall out, but just a few observations about your recent interview. I realise that you do hundreds of interviews and that folk can then ponder them and pick up on every word (and they do) but you said
“People believe this Club is owned by the fans but it’s only a few that put their money down, for the rest of the people it’s easy to criticise (when) they spend ¬£20. Without criticising, or (God forbid) being negative, would you mind if I respond ? I’m only talking for myself here, no one else.

Yes of course it’s easy to criticise, as it is in all walks of life, rightly or wrongly that’s human nature. Am I glad that you Bernie Ecclestone and the Mittal family took control of my Club ? Believe me, you don’t know how grateful I am. As you said yourself, we were hours from going under (I’m not even going there). It’s not just about buying a ticket for ¬£20, sitting there for 90 minutes and then going home. For me it’s about the team, the history, the generations of my family that are now long gone, yet felt the same way about ‘my’ Club that I do today. It’s about supporting the team, whatever division we may be in. It’s about watching a team of eleven internationals wearing our shirt and playing excellent football..or a few years back, when we signed a non-league player from Hampton and Richmond and believed him to be our saviourbecause we didn’t have any other choice. They all got the same support.

I’ve been watching us play for 42 years, some of the fans have watched us for longer and some have been watching us for not so many years. However, I do realise that the length of support makes no difference to ‘how much of a supporter you are.’ We are all the same, we are all QPR supporters. Although no, I’m not in the position (or likely to be) whereby I have the sufficient funds to put on the table and say..’Here is x amount of money for the Club, that should buy me the right to do as I please and expect no comment or criticism for doing so.’ Although if you add up the 42 years worth of drip feeding money into the Club then perhaps I should. Don’t take offence Flavio, that was a gentle jibe.

Do I or any other supporter own the Club ?
In a legal sense then no.
Do I or any other supporter own the Club ?
In an emotional sense, oh yes, we do.
Between us, we have ‘invested’ hundreds of thousands of years of emotion, tears, heartbreak, happiness and joy. We’ve poured millions of pounds into our Club with no thought of ‘return’ other than watching eleven players wearing our shirt.and we’ve done that asking for nothing. So yes, we own our Clubwe own it with our hearts, minds and souls and to a lesser extent with our wallets.

Flavio, some may have you believe it’s all about politicsall about what ‘clique’ or ‘faction’ you support or belong to. All I can say to that is, that is their problem. My support is unconditional.It is the proud support of Queen’s Park Rangers. It is 100%. Nah, it’s more than’s love for my Club, pure and simple.
What’s left to say ? I don’t expect Promotion, Cups or League titles. I ask only one thing of you. Don’t break my heart.
Good luck.

p.s. Who are QPR ?
We are, because the day the fans stop paying and supporting our team..that’s the day our Club dies.

7 thoughts on “Open Letter To Flavio Briatore

  1. Zico you have put into words beautifully what it is to be a QPR fan I hope you get some response From Mr Briatore but somehow I don’t think you will.

  2. Yes good letter there zico . I’m not having “a go” either . I’m very grateful to flav and bernie etc for saving the club .

    But the season ticket prices do seem expensive to me .

    Especially when you consider what fulham fans are paying just down the road

  3. What a beautiful statement from Zico. It is more than money, supporting Queens Park Rangers takes over your life, to the point when I have a family member who won’t phone me for a week after losing a game. It is definitely an unconditional love. Please reconsider the season ticket prices and the loyalty many have shown to this club, at times we have despaired, but please also look over the interview you recently made and please don’t treat us with the contempt your words implied. I am also grateful to you all for saving our club, but not at this price.

  4. Steve Zico please stand up and take a bow that is the best bit of writing i have seen about QPR ever.

  5. Zico, you hit the nail on the head there.
    QPR would be nothig without its fans…….lika a cappuchino without cream…nothing!

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