Independent R’s Statement.

We have noted the new Season Ticket prices and generally view them with great disappointment. Accordingly, we had hoped that the Club would in fact reward the loyal fans of Queen’s Park Rangers rather than penalise them and encourage others to return to Loftus Road.
For the first time in years, expectations for success on the pitch for next Season are high and this initial optimism has now been overshadowed.
We would urge the Club to have a serious re-think and adopt a more reasonable price structure.

The Independent R’s

17 thoughts on “Independent R’s Statement.

  1. Again well said, a rethink please, at a time when you have the real possibility of filling our ground week in week out, great atmosphere, merchandinsing will increase, feel good factor.
    But without the 12th man this will be hard.

  2. Well said!
    I hope this is seen by the top brass at QPR but I’m not holding out much hope unfortunately.
    Now we know why they didn’t release the figures BEFORE the last game of the season…

  3. Please take note of these comments because you are pricing out loyal lifelong supporters,me and my son being two of them.Mine and my boys tickets have almost doubled overnight which is simply ridiculous.You are just going to turn fans away which is the last thing i want.I love this club and it breaks my heart that i might hardly be able to afford to go anymore.Surely a more gradual increase would be fair.It’s not just us two either,there’s a crowd of us have gone together for donkeys years and the way it stands not one of them is renewing.

  4. Langley Ranger’s sad example brings it home for me,there are many others of course. Can anyone justify this or is it a case of take it or leave it

    “I think this could be the beginning of the end for me and my boy after our combined prices rose from ¬£470 to ¬£800 !
    I struggled paying for last season’s ticket and this is an absolute joke. I’ve been going to Rangers since 1975 and have had a season ticket for the past 25 years but today could mark the end of all that barring a lottery win.Thanks Rangers for rewarding my loyalty,this is one hell of a kick in the bollocks.”

    Saddened to read something like that

  5. Moreno above is correct.He said to me outside the ground before the West Brom game the reason they hadn’t released the prices was they had gone up so drastically.Admittedly he was guessing, but he guessed right didn’t he ?? Scandalous.I was at the AGM and can categorically state Mr Agag said prices would rise about 10% except in the SAR central areas.
    Mr Russell also said to a concerned fan ‘ you will be able to afford the season tickets’.Utter contempt.

    Look at Tracys AGM Report on Clives site, its there in black and white.Which makes the new people LIARS. How can we be expected to show respect to people who have lied to us ??
    It certainly is a new era isn’t it….”meet the new boss, same as the old boss” (Won’t Be Fooled Again by the WHO).But we have been fooled again havn’t we ladies and gents ??

  6. sad sad day for me to see this i for one wont attend any pre season matches ,wont eat in the stadium and will not buy from the club shop i will cherry pick cup games and sadly say it will be the last season i attend i have only missed 12 games at home in forty seasons (this year coming) i was once very proud to be fan and a part of this once great club,

  7. im afraid its the end for me, financially i cant do it anymore, when rangers were broke, i helped to bail them out, now my circumstances have changed, and im broke, they want more, sorry but the cupboard is bare..good luck next season rangers, it will hurt but i wont be there..

  8. Not sure if my comments are really welcome or not on here but for what its worth I believe the INDYRS have made an excellent statement.

    The ones I am really sorry for are the youngsters who may now be deprived of watching our great club in the future.

  9. No early bird prices ?

    Tickets for away & cup games for debit and Credit cards £3.50 fee ???? I am an away season ticket holder didnot miss a home game or away match last season. always pay via debit card ( which incures no cost to the club funds direct from my bank to the clubs so why charge me £3.50 ????.
    No Box lottery this season ??

    I sit in the east paddock as every one says why do you sit in the cheap seats ( well not any more are they)
    I take it when the paddock is full up this year as its silver next season it will be gold ? my season ticket states uncovered seating quite like it when you all sing to us when it rains.
    I thought the new owners had fell in love with this football club of ours ( sorry i forgot its not ours is it) they have made that quite clear .
    Last season they smiled when we all sang “Berni & Flavio” i dont think they will like the new songs about them but they proberly wont care , because they have shown that they dont give a stuff about us its the Kids that will now drift away as their dads & Mums will not be able to afford to take them,so where will our fans in the future come from.
    I thanked flavio when he first came to this club now he has shown his true colours.
    I will be wrighting to all the owners and board members to vent my anger regarding ticket prices, so I might well be banned.

  10. I realise that the new custodians of our club are very wealthy successful world class businessmen, who got where they are today by being ‘canny’ and not throwing money away.
    I don’t expect a handout or charity from them, and I realise that for the club to be ‘successful,’ then as a club, sooner or later we will have to pay our way.

    In the world of FI, you could build a racetrack in the desert, hold a race there behind closed doors, and make a tidy profit from TV rights and the advertising that attracts. You could probably do the same with a few of the ‘Big’ football clubs in this country.
    But it can’t be done with us.

    Whoever is responsible for this PR disaster, well I suppose it doesn’t really matter………
    If it comes from the very top, well, the reality of life is vastly different for them than for most of the rest of us……..Therefore there is a way out without losing ‘face.’

    If it has come from one of the newly employed ‘bright young things’…….There also is a way out ‘without losing face.’
    After all, it could be said that they were only doing their job, and were/are eager to impress.

    During the past few years, I’ve sometimes felt that I’ve been mugged more times than if I was wearing a sign around my neck saying….’Please mug me.’
    I knew change would come, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would feel as if I was being mugged again.

    There is a way out for all here.
    Sometimes in life if you hold your hands up and say, ‘Sorry I was wrong,’ you gain far more respect than if you try and bluster through. (Obviously that does not apply to Politicians or Bankers)

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the club issued a statement saying something along the lines of…….

    ‘Because of the ongoing economic situation in the country, we have decided to reassess the recently announced season ticket price rises.
    The owners, board and management of QPR recognise the difficulties that some of our supporters are facing at this time. Therefore we have decided to cut the season ticket increases by 50% across the board.
    We thank you for your loyal support and look forward to your continued support in the future.’

    An Olive branch?
    A step in the right direction?
    Face saving?

  11. How sad it is to read some of these posts.
    Agree with Steve Zico.
    But are the club big enough to hold there hands up and turn it around?
    They would have a ground full of passion.
    It would fortress Loftus Road.
    We would be as one.
    Given time they would get there money.

    It’s not difficult.
    It should be done,
    and it should be done now done now.

  12. These prices are to steep for me . I’m not a ST holder but do go to quite a few games ( I do shiftwork and can’t make them all )

    But I will really have to cherry pick my games now . As I simply can’t afford to go to the amount I used too.

  13. Appreciate that prices had to go up but this size of increase plus only a few weeks to cough up the doe will hurt many who already spend a large part of their family income following their beloved R’s.

    Upper Loft…. Gold ??? !!! No doubt I will still have to endure missing 10 mins of the second half becuase I bothered to que up for a cup of tea at the half time whistle. The cartering facilities are a disgrace up there, it’s also shabby,dark and dirty so how can it be classified as Gold ?
    You get wet in the paddocks and lower loft when it rains, how can they be claissified as silver !!!!!
    I’m sure Cipriani’s etc will be jolly nice, but what are they going to do to upgrade the facilities is the other parts of the ground where us mere mortals sit ?

    Onwards & Upwards

  14. Totally agree with all the comments above. Also, did you all know that we are now the dearest championship in relation to its ‘family stand’? Even the notorious rip merchants at Crystal Palace offer better deals to their family orientated fans via discounted offers during current campaigns!

    Chris, you are spot on about the AGM. I personally feel totally and utterly betrayed by the board and the new owners (not that that will bother them) and have no problem in saying here and now that I will never believe another word they say.

    zico, lovely idea about them making a goodwill gesture as the one you suggest, but you and i both know it’s not going to happen. The club have raised the bar and that is that so far as they are concerned.

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