Message From Kevin Gallen

I have asked Paul Finney to put the following message up on the Indy R’s Website:-

I was shocked and upset in hearing that the Chairman gave an interview recently stating that I was laughing after we had lost a game. Can I just say that I am a life long fan of Queen’s Park Rangers and always will be. I will never forget how lucky I was to wear that shirt.

I just want the fans to know the truth and that is I never joked or laughed as a player or fan when the R’s have lost. I would never disrespect the fans of Queen’s Park Rangers FC by doing so.
Also, I had the honour of not only playing for my Club but also the honour of being the captain as well. I have no wish to enter in a war of words with the Club Chairman but I just wanted the fans to know the truth, that is all.

Kevin Gallen

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4 thoughts on “Message From Kevin Gallen

  1. Kevin has chosen the right to reply.For that alone I applaud him.He was upset enough to take this opportunity of letting us the fans know the other side to this.I have no reason to doubt him and no wish to patronize him either. Suffice to say that he and his family are a credit to this club. Wish all the Gallens well for the future.

  2. All the Gallen family have given a great deal of their efforts to QPR, and it is acknowledged by all Hoops fans.

  3. A provocative chairman at best, and a player whose love for the club can never be questioned. Who do you believe?

    Cheers for the years Kev

  4. totally agree , saw kevin at the leicester game , his family have given so much to QPR over the years

    thanks Kevin

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