QPR Screen References: No.4

Brush Strokes – Season 2, Episode 6

The series started in 1986 and ran until 1991. The main character is ‘Jacko’ who is a womanising jack-the-lad played by Karl Howman who was born in Woolwich and supports Charlton Athletic. He started his acting career with the National Youth Theatre and has appeared in a number of films including, ‘That’ll Be The Day’, ‘Stardust’ and ‘The Long Good Friday’

‘Jacko’ is a painter and decorator who works with ‘Eric’ who’s married to his sister ‘Jean’. The owner of the business is ‘Lionel’ played by Gary Waldhorn who went on to play ‘David Horton’ in ‘The Vicar Of Dibley’ The title song, ‘Because Of You’ was written by Kevin Rowland and performed by ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ There were five series, forty episodes and outside of the studio, was filmed around Motspur Park in Surrey.

In this particular episode, Lionel’s secretary, Sandra, hands in her notice. An applicant is sent along from the Job Centre for an interview. She’s not suited for the job but she knows Jacko of course. There is a notice in the window of the local pub, ‘Wanted, Crumpet Barmaid’ and the story continues along those lines. He meets another girl he’s been acquainted with, Lesley, in the street dressed up as a South Seas Islands girl promoting an exotic drink who ends up as the barmaid. Sandra is also an old flame and he returns to the office and they start reminiscing about the good times they had together.

The episode concludes with Jacko and Eric sitting at home having a drink. Jacko has Sandra on his mind as Eric rambles on about loyalty and changing your mind. “Why do you support Charlton Athletic ? Why does a bloke pick one team and support them all his life ?” He continues by asking, ” When were you sure you would never change your allegiance ? Some people change their minds, I had an uncle who went over to Millwall.you’re thinking of going over to QPR” Jacko suddenly gets up and as he’s leaving he tells Eric that’smade him make a decision to propose marriage !

Steve Russell

4 thoughts on “QPR Screen References: No.4

  1. Steve
    I’m sure I see an episode of My Family (Robert Lindsay)recently where he dressed up in the Blue & White & shouting “Come on the Rangers” or something.Confirm!

  2. Yes mate,not a fan of the programme but heard about that episode.Anyone got a copy ?
    Thanks Stuart

  3. Steve

    I saw the episode in question, at least they didn’t have a have a go at the team. During my recovery in hospital I starting watching Brush Strokes (I never saw it first time around) on the Paramount Comedy channel, and I’ve now seen almost every episode in the entire five series’. No more QPR mentions, but a good, if gentle, watch.

  4. Steve

    If memeory serves that episode was first broadcast the weekend we were at Hillsborough. One of the many good omens on our way to promotion.

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