When William Pierce Scored Three Penalties for QPR in his Benefit Game against Leicester City Reserves

On 6th October 1928, headlined, ‘Don’t Forget Next Saturday’, “The Bushman” wrote in the ‘Rangers Chatter’ section of the Watford match programme that:

‘This will be the last opportunity I shall be bringing to the notice of our supporters the fact that on Saturday next, Leicester City Reserves visit Shepherd’s Bush.

That in itself, should attract a fine crowd, but on this occasion, we are anticipating a good increase in the patronage which is generally extended to our reserve games, because “Billy” Pierce is taking his Benefit.

Those regular four or five thousand who come along to support the reserve team, will of course be there as usual, but I want to make an appeal to the other Rangers’ supporters to come along to this game.

Pierce has rendered excellent service to the club over a period of six seasons, so it is up to you to support him next Saturday. He is well worth a bumper gate.’

The Rangers line-up for that joint London Combination/Benefit game against Leicester City Reserves was, according to the match programme, as follows:

Woodward, Nixon, Pierce, Crompton, Eggleton, Thompson, Kellard, Foster, Vallance, Whatmore & J. Liddle who was an amateur on trial from Crawcrook Albion.

In goal for the visitors that day was Scottish International Kenny Campbell. Rangers won the game 5-3 and the Daily Mirror later reported that: ‘W. Pierce, the Queen’s Park Rangers full-back had the unique experience of scoring from three penalty kicks in his Benefit match on Saturday against Leicester City Reserves at Shepherd’s Bush.’

It was reported elsewhere that: ‘He had been guaranteed a certain sum by the club in appreciation of the six years faithful service that he has rendered to the Rangers.

Possessing “two good feet”, Pierce is equally at home in either full-back position. He is a strong tackler and kicks a good length.

He has been a fairly regular member of the Rangers’ league side, although for the moment he is in the reserves owing to the brilliance of Sweetman and Young’

William was born in Howden-on-Tyne, Durham, on the 29th October 1907.

Rangers signed him from Bedlington United in July 1923 and he made his league debut later that year at the age of 16 at Loftus Road against Swansea Town.

He went on to make 193 first team appearances and the first of his three goals was from the penalty spot in the home game against Swindon Town in April 1925.

William was transferred to Carlisle United in 1931 and later moved to Northern Ireland to play for the likes of Larne and Distillery. 

News of his death came in 1976.

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Sammy for the loan of the two match programmes, Colin Woodley for his assistance and as always to Gordon Macey (RIP). The above image was taken from the 1926/27 Club Handbook)

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