From May 1949: Willesden (2) – QPR (2)

Team: Allen, Reay, Jefferson, Parkinson, Chapman, Heath, Muir, Stewart, Pointon, Addinall, Wardle.

On the 5th May 1949, the R’s travelled to the King Edward Park Enclosure to take on Willesden, the Spartan League amateur side

Gordon Macey recorded in one of his superb history books that the R’s had also played Willesden the previous two years.

The game kicked off at 6.30pm and a match report appeared the following week in the Marylebone Mercury:

‘Another 2-2 draw was the result when Queen’s Park Rangers and Willesden met at the King Edward Park Enclosure in a mid-week game. It was their third annual match.

During the second-half practically all the players were in the Willesden half, leaving only Allen and Chapman in the Rangers’ half.

Bennett put up a grand show in goal but most of the Rangers’ shots were blocked by the defence, which was crammed in the goalmouth.

During the first-half, Willesden gave as much as they took, but then Rangers were going at half-pace and after the interval Allen was rarely troubled.

Rangers’ football was far from good and except for some delightful touches by Pointon there was nothing exciting.

After 40 seconds, Willesden went ahead when a long throw-in by Howlett was netted by Bow and following this, Jenkins hit the post.

Willesden were doing most of the attacking, but a Pointon and Addinall combination looked dangerous, but Pointon’s shot blazed over the bar.

Midway through this half, Rangers were awarded a corner and Addinall headed home Muir’s centre. Before two minutes were up, however, Willesden got the ball into the Rangers’ half and Worthington scored from a good pass by Deveraux.

Bennett made a good save soon after the interval and then Busby headed off the goal-line when Pointon shot. Bennett was again tested and then after five minutes, from a Muir corner, Addinall again scored to bring the scores level.

The only time Allen was really troubled in this half was when Deveraux broke through the defence and raced goal-wards. Allen came out to meet him and deflected Deveraux’s shot past the post for a corner.

With five minutes to go, Rangers should have gone ahead when Stewart beat Bennett with a good drive, but Offord was standing in the goal and he kicked the ball clear.’

And from the programme notes: ‘This evening we are privileged in having our old friends and neighbours, Queen’s Park Rangers, and we extend to them a very hearty welcome on their third visit to us.

Queen’s Park Rangers have a very warm spot for Willesden, as it was in this district that they played in the early days of their club, and the happy state of affairs which exists between our two clubs makes their visit even more pleasing.

Eric Worthington, it will be remembered, was originally a Willesden player, and our Ted Bennett (goalkeeper) has served them well on many occasions and is just as popular at Shepherd’s Bush as he is here……’

Willesden left the Spartan League in 1950 and a year later they were founder members of the Delphian League. The club was dissolved in 1981.

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for digging out the match report)