From 1947: QPR FC to issue £30,000 Shares – Double-Decker Stand Planned

The following article appeared in the Kensington Post on 23rd August 1947.

‘At the sixth annual general meeting of Queen’s Park Rangers Supporters’ Club held at Hammersmith Town Hall on Monday evening, Mr Hittinger, the chairman of QPR directors, revealed that some £30,000 worth of shares may be issued to the public this autumn.

Shares would comprise cumulative preference shares at 5 per cent dividend, and ordinary shares.

Mr Hittinger also stated that the club proposes to build a doubler-decker stand to hold about 14,000 people on the White City side of the ground at a cost of between £30,000 to £40,000.

Rangers’ players present at the meeting included Fred Durrant, Jack Rose and Ivor Powell. Ray Sonin took the chair.

After presentation of a cheque for £880 from the Supporters Club to the Parent Club, Mr Hittinger referred to the gallant fight that Rangers’ had put up last season in their effort to gain promotion.

The Club were proud of their team and had every confidence in the future. Last year, said the chairman, gates had been doubled and nearly half a million spectators had attended. As for the players themselves they had displayed a fine team spirit.

The speaker vigorously reputed any suggestion that the Club did not desire promotion. “That’s a lot of tripe,” said Mr Hittinger. “We want to play the bigger clubs not the smaller ones. What is wanted is a fourth division. Last year there were three or four clubs at or near the top of the Third Division and the rest were nowhere.”

Mr Hittinger told of the difficulties of securing players. Every endeavour was made to get players deemed suitable for the club, but there would be no waste of money on second-rate players.

One great difficulty was the provision of accommodation for players coming from far afield. However, any team strengthening would be attended to in an effort to get the club into the Second Division.

After revealing that shares were to be issued the chairman praised the directors of the club. “They don’t take a penny piece out of their job, and in fact they are out of pocket. But they persist because they are sportsmen, because they like the soccer game, and because they like to achieve an objective.”

Support was essential, and enthusiasm could make the Club the finest in the country. Next year the 50th anniversary would be celebrated, and progress would be speeded up during the next few years.

“We want to buy the freehold on our ground. It costs a lot of money but we must have it and I ask supporters to rally round and support the appeal.”

Members of the Supporters Club committee were re-elected unanimously.’

The R’s were promoted to the old Second Division the following year.

With a further big increase in attendances and with the share issue being fully taken up, the Club was able to secure the freehold of the ground, together with 39 houses in Ellerslie and Loftus Roads, all for a reported sum of £26,250.

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for forwarding the article)

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  1. If only we had held on to the properties the present new ground fiasco would not have been necessary!

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