The Early Days of Vic Mobley

Rangers signed Vic Mobley from Sheffield Wednesday in October 1969 for a fee of £55,000.

The following article appeared in ‘The Wizard’ on 10th April 1971.

However, his playing career was set to end just three months later on medical advice. He later took up part-time management with Oxford City.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “The Early Days of Vic Mobley

  1. I’m about two years out from remembering Vic. All I know is that Jim Gregory went mental having spent all that money and he had to retire soon after. Shades of Dickie Ord? Jago got him a job on the coaching staff but it was all very sad.

  2. Vic Mobley was a Star player mostly in the top flight for Sheffield Wed before signing for us.
    Unfortunately when Vic joined QPR there was the “baggage” of an injury problem that came with him although it was not discovered at the time.A class act at centre back in his day. R’s did not really get their money’s worth but none the less he did produce some solid performaces when at Loftus Rd…… £55,000 was a big fee for a second division club to pay in 1969

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