From 1936: Boxing at the Hammersmith Stadium at 45 Brook Green Road

The following article appeared in the West London Observer on 14th February 1936:

‘The first bout on Monday evening was a six-round contest between Billy Gibbs (Notting Hill) and Young Fraser (Westbourne Park). Both fought well, but Fraser was more pronounced in his left-hand deliveries and he was given the referee’s award.

Another six-round contest followed between Young Stanley (Fulham) and Pat McKay (Ireland), the latter winning on points.

A contest, which was looked forward to with interest, was of ten rounds between Arthur Boggis (Westbourne Park) and Jack Richards (Holland Park).

The latter, who was making a welcome return to the ring after a long absence through an accident, boxed splendidly, and he won on points.

The chief fight was between George Davis (Notting Hill) and Tommy Ireland (Bethnal Green).

The first two rounds were fairly even, but during the third round Davis was disqualified, the fight being awarded to Ireland. Davis has challenged Ireland to a return contest, which has been accepted.

The final bout was an eight-round contest between Rabbit Ryan (Stratford) and Tug Wilson (Southall). This proved to be the best fight of the evening and although Ryan was very forceful throughout, Wilson boxed splendidly to win a very interesting contest on points.’

Commencing at 8.30pm the following Monday was a welterweight, 12-round contest between Buster Osborne (Bethnal Green) and Jack Powell (Sheffield).

Also on the bill was the featherweight from Notting Hill, Dick Anthony, who was up against Sid Fine of Mile End.

Another Notting Hill boxer, Frank Webb, was lined up in an 8-round, bantamweight contest with Sid’s brother (?) Jack Fine.

Admission to the event started at 1/6, then rising to 2/6, 3/6 and five shillings.

Brook Green Road is thought to be a stretch of road between Hammersmith Broadway and Brook Green?

Steve Russell

(Thanks to Colin Woodley for sending me the article)