QPR1st request for £25 away ticket deal for Ipswich

The Independent R’s support today’s initiative by QPR1st Supporters Trust on away ticket prices. Here is the statement from QPR1st

QPR1st Supporters’ Trust is calling on the club to give travelling supporters a bit of new season – and Christmas – cheer by agreeing to a £25 ticket deal with Ipswich Town for the Boxing Day away fixture.

Ipswich is writing to clubs in the Championship suggesting a £25 reciprocal ticket deal for away fans for all its games. Twelve clubs have agreed and QPR1st believes QPR should join them.

The Trust has written to club CEO Lee Hoos asking for a positive response to the Ipswich proposal. Trust chair Stephen Dedridge said: “Away fans are vital to creating a good atmosphere at games. The level of time and money our away fans give to the club makes a real difference and we want the club to do whatever it can to make away games as accessible as possible.”

He said: “Away supporters deserve a decent deal on ticket prices. This would be a good gesture of goodwill to travelling supporters to announce this now, at the beginning of the season, and also helpful for supporters when cash is stretched at Christmas”.

Away ticket prices in the Championship have come under serious scrutiny following the introduction of a league-wide cap of £30 in the Premier League. With many away tickets priced in excess of £30, some even over £40; the Championship is one of the most expensive leagues in the world to follow your team.

Reciprocal deals have been immensely popular among away fans where they have been introduced by some clubs in recent seasons and have made a significant contribution to the uplift in the number of away fans going to games.

Lee Hyde, director of retail operations at Portman Road, is reported to have said: “Supporters travel 1000s of miles every season watching their club so we listened to feedback from both our own fans and those of visiting opposition teams and decided to initiate a price cap.”

Along with countless other supporter organisations across the country we have campaigned for the introduction of a “Twenty’s Plenty” cap on away tickets – a national campaign co-ordinated by the Football Supporters’ Federation.

2 thoughts on “QPR1st request for £25 away ticket deal for Ipswich

  1. You having a laugh ? We’re charging Reading fans £33 today, lets sort out our own back yard first

  2. Good move – I recall having to pay £33 for a seat as long ago as 2010 at Ipswich. Fortunately we won 3-0! Rangers also have charged some silly prices before to visiting fans. £35 for some clubs for the Upper School End is nonsense for a Championship game – seats that were £65 at times for some Premiership games

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