From 1956: QPR Supporters to hold Rally at Hammersmith Town Hall

The following article appeared in the West London Observer on 1st June 1956:

What’s wrong with QPR? That is the vital question, which will be raised at the annual general meeting and rally of Queen’s Park Rangers Supporters Club on Monday evening at Hammersmith Town Hall.

In a letter to all members of the Supporters’ Club, General Secretary Mr William G. Clow, writes:

‘Many of us, during this past season, have asked the question: “What’s wrong with Queen’s Park Rangers?”

‘With all the good will in the world, we suggest this is not an unreasonable question in the circumstances, considering that since being relegated from Division Two, we have finished 21st, 18th, 15th and 18th, in the Third Division table. An uninspiring record by any yardstick.’

‘Let us, for a moment, look back to season 1953/54. The Rangers’ young players were blending into a match-winning combination.’

‘In our last eighteen games in that season, we gained as many points as the eventual Champions – Ipswich Town.’

‘Mr Hittinger, Chairman of Queen’s Park Rangers wrote in our handbook at the commencement of the following season…..”our array of seasoned youngsters is the envy of Managers up and down the country.”

‘Few will have disagreed with Mr Hittinger on this point. Those “youngsters” are still with the club – and are now even more seasoned. And yet the long-awaited come-back has not materialised.’

‘Why is this? Why do Queen’s Park Rangers continue to languish in the lower half of Division Three? Are we, as supporters doing all we can to encourage our players? Is there anything WE can do to help put our Club back on the map?’

‘These are the questions to which all Rangers’ supporters would like to know the answer.’

‘To this end – and with the full approval of the Management and Board of Directors – we are departing from normal procedure and, incorporated with our AGM, will be a grand rally of Rangers’ supporters to which all ‘Rangerites’ are invited.’

‘It will of course, be appreciated that only members will be allowed to vote on any issues arising from the normal business of the meeting, which will be concluded as soon as possible.’

‘Manager Jack Taylor and members of the Board will be present to answer your questions, and a most interesting and constructive meeting is anticipated.’

‘Supporters are asked to bring their membership cards with them. Above all, do your utmost to attend, and if you have a pal who is a supporter also, bring him along with you. We shall be pleased to welcome him.’

‘In conclusion, on behalf of the Officers and Committee, may I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for your co-operation and loyalty to Queen’s Park Rangers Supporters Club during this past difficult season.’

Rangers did go on to have a better season, finishing in tenth place on 47 points, which was 12 points behind the top two.

Steve Russell

(My thanks to Colin Woodley for his assistance)

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  1. All that was needed for improvement was for me to start supporting the club from Sept 1957 onwards! lol
    Seriously though. Very interesting article.

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