The 1975 Revolutionary QPR Silk Scarf

I met up with Clive Roberts recently and amongst the items he kindly passed on, was an unusual mid-70’s QPR silk scarf. In the 1970’s, many R’s fans used to tie their silk scarves to their wrists.

This particular scarf was described in the Supporters Club section of a November 1975 home programme as the: “Revolutionary Silk Scarf” – indestructible image, team and players heads in full colour, and priced at ¬£1.25.
silkThe scarf is doubled-sided with one side featuring the whole squad plus 12 individual players. Whilst on the reverse side, nine more players are depicted, including Stan Bowles, Gerry Francis and Don Givens etc.

Also available at the time was the new Supporters Club tie (members only), for ¬£1.75, QPR football radios at ¬£4.75 and priced at 65p, you could purchase the players new 7″ record: ‘Down at the Bush’ by the Superhoops.

Steve Russell