R’s Fan James Mills is Running in the London Marathon in Aid of Cancer Research & in his Dad’s Honour

James dad, Tony Mills, sadly has terminal cancer and James will be running the London Marathon in aid of Cancer Research. He wrote to me recently to explain why he is doing it:
‘So we was hit with the worst ever news in 2012 when we found out that my dad had terminal cancer. He was given a 10% chance of a five-year survival, which has now entered the fourth year.

Last Tuesday he was once again having a major operation as the doctors had found another tumour growing on the left side of his brain, which they have now removed and he’s currently now in recovery.

I’m running the London Marathon for Cancer Research in his honour as putting my body through a little pain of 26.2 miles is the least I can do for what is a great cause.’
James Mills DadJames is serving in the British Army and he goes on to say that the above pic is the latest one he has of his dad smiling but smiling isn’t one thing he does now.

My thoughts are with his dad at this time and I would like to wish James good luck in the London Marathon and with his fundraising efforts.

You can donate by going to: justgiving.com/james-mills15
Steve Russell