The 1991 QPR Open Day at the Guinness Sports and Social Club

The 1991 Open Day was held at the Guinness Sports and Social Club. It also featured a cricket match between a Guinness Club X1 and a QPR FC X1.

Supporters Club Manager, the late Neil Roberts, wrote the following programme notes:

‘Before going any further, on behalf of QPR FC, I extend thanks to Guinness Sports and Social Club, in particular Mrs Christine Hubbard, for all their help in arranging this event, our Annual Open Day; indeed for even allowing us to hold our day on their excellent grounds.

All being well, we should have another good turn out of our faithful supporters here today, and I hope you will take the opportunity to mix, chat with the players and staff of our club, as they are all very approachable, in particular our new manager, Gerry Francis, who you will find is a real supporters man, and obviously has a great devotion to Rangers.

open day

Also, please make an effort to greet our newer players and show them just how welcome they are at Loftus Road. For most of the new players it will be their first opportunity to actually meet you, the fans who follow them through thick and thin.’

Neil also went on to mention the ticket situation for the first game of the season at Highbury. It wasn’t all-ticket and there were: ‘4,500 ticket (terrace) spaces at ¬£8 and ¬£4 for juniors and seniors’. There were also 440 seats available at ¬£10 each.

The timetable of events was listed as follows:

11.00: Players arrive

11.30: Meet the players

1.00: Break for lunch

1.30: Auction

2.15: Start of play

4.15: Tea

6.30: Close of play

The R’s went on to draw that game with Arsenal. Dennis Bailey made his debut and scored our goal.

Steve Russell

7 thoughts on “The 1991 QPR Open Day at the Guinness Sports and Social Club

  1. I used the Guinness Social club a lot in the 90’s, had a great snooker room. Sadly no more, demolished to make way for houses

  2. Sadly no more indeed rousdon !
    I started working for Guinness in 1970, and actually played in the game, and had the honour, of being hit for six by Andy Sinton.
    Had a drink with him in the bar afterwards, little knowing that he was about to leave for Spurs.
    “The Club” as it was known, was where most of my younger days were spent, as they all revolved around football, cricket, darts, snooker, and the cheap beer of course.
    So we’ll probably know each other by sight ?
    Great memories of happy days, and a misspent youth.
    We still meet up occasionally, and Christine Hubbard still remains a family friend.

  3. I wonder do you know a mate of mine Cossie who worked at Guinness. John Walsh, lived in Twyford Abbey Road and now retired to his native Wexford. Indeed a fine place to have a pint, but I suspect I started going there when it was a lot less busy. Was so sad seeing the club being demolished. The houses that replaced it were up in just a couple of months. Much missed by the locals

    • Was John, a very tall man, bespectacled, with a deep growling irish accent, a gentle giant of a man ? If so, he worked in the “Vathouse”.
      The Club, was a great place to go, set in really pleasant surroundings. Strangely, that site, is the only bit of Guinness, that has been built on to date, the main site, has been flattened, but remains untouched. That was of 6 months ago, last time I was down in London. Due another trip down soon, and will make enquiries !

  4. should also say some good Rangers fans were regulars. Kevin who was on the door, sadly no longer with us, was a true Gent

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