Statement: New QPR CEO Lee Hoos

The Independent R’s wish to welcome Lee Hoos as the new chief executive officer of Queen’s Park Rangers.

We are encouraged that the club has chosen a CEO with considerable experience in football.

With the second relegation from the Premier League in three seasons now confirmed, our club stands at a pivotal time in its history. As such Mr Hoos faces a number of challenges in his new role as the club rebuilds for the future.

We call upon the new CEO, board and chairman to work with fans on important issues such as the following:

– Review ticket prices to ensure all fans, both home and away, can watch football at QPR for reasonable and affordable levels.

– Reward long-term supporters for their loyalty with incentives and/or lower prices. Review the “membership upgrade” where anyone can buy ticketing privileges irrespective of supporting history. Review the excessive ¬£3.50 charge for online / telephone bookings

– End the unnecessary and destabilising relationship with Viagogo which allows non-QPR fans access to home areas whilst charging real fans extortionate amounts for popular games. Consider adopting an in-house system such as that used at Brentford.

LoftusRoadStadium SouthAfricaRoadEntranceSource: John Armagh / Creative Commons

– Restore a vociferous traditional area of support behind the home end by relocating the Family Stand from lower Loft to the lower School End

– Continue consultation on the proposed new stadium at Old Oak Common and increase detailed dialogue with fans’ groups about the nature and progress of the proposals

– Continue and deepen regular consultation with fans’ groups on all areas of concern, including operations, stewarding, ticketing and media

– Build on the fantastic work QPR does in the community already by “turning up the volume” and increasing our presence in the local area. We want our club to be famous once again in London as a family and community club.

We look forward to Mr Hoos creating a relationship with fans based on regular, meaningful, open and honest communication. It will be a huge opportunity missed if communication between the club and supporters continues to be dominated by spin, soundbites and rumour.

The Independent R’s

5 thoughts on “Statement: New QPR CEO Lee Hoos

  1. I dont take my son into the family area but how can you suggest families should sit in the worst stand for facilities and under the away fans. Ridiculous.

  2. Dear sir,
    Adel is probably the best player we have got
    besides Joey Barton, therefore if Chris Ramsey is to be a successful manager he needs to work with Adel like Neil Warnock did ,and get the best out of him ,Adel is class, also the fans favourite, we need him, Neil Warnock played him week in week out ,and we got promoted that year.Chris Ramseys job is to get the best out of the players ,not discard them, sort out the problems, that’s whats makes a good manager, if he cannot do this then bring back,Neil Warnock.

  3. Whilst I agree with you ragarding the reduced le el of noise from the lower loft, to relocate it to the school end would be a detrimental act. Like many other long time supporters I personaly have been ensconced there since the late ’40s, as a family we are now in our 5th generation of support with my grandchildren attending games.
    Firstly, whatever vocal support coming from the family groups would be drowned out by the away support in the stand above.
    Secondly, to postion a large number of small children in close proximity to a potentially boisterous away crowd
    would be unwise and possibly detrimental to their future

  4. He surely can’t be as bad as Beard, lets hope he wants to work with the fans not just ignore them.

  5. The point about the family stand is more aimed at having a debate on the best place to have it and one that suites all fans.
    I grew up on the loft as many before me and i have to say now days right or wrong the loft is not what it once was by a long way,
    To have no vocal home support on either end of the ground i think is not good,

    But i would like to see a debate and fans to get the chance to have their say as last time the club just kicked everyone out with no debate or talk.

    Perhaps it was a ambitious of the club to think of a family stand in a ground the size of ours i do not know but at least lets talk about it

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